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Solutions for Alternative Plant Based Beverages

Time: November 22nd at 10 AM CEST

Synopsis: The dairy alternative beverage market is growing rapidly around the world and in Europe there is a strong growth for non-soy beverages. According to GlobalData, grain, nut, rice, and seed milk alternatives will grow in value in Europe at a CAGR of over 12% between 2020 and 2025. As existing proteins grow and new ones emerge, texture, inclusion suspension, fortification are vital in these formulations. There are many challenges to create the best consumer product, but CP Kelco’s product portfolio offers suspension, mouthfeel and viscosity solutions that will get dairy alternative beverages of all protein bases up to par.

Plant-based Potential: New consumer insights from Palsgaard

Time: November 22nd at 10.30 AM CEST

Synopsis: Emulsifier/stabiliser specialist Palsgaard can help food manufacturers improve product quality and shelf-life stability, and has recently extended this expertise into the booming market for plant-based products. To better understand consumer expectations in this sector, the Danish company recently commissioned some global consumer research into three key plant-based categories: yoghurts, drinks and frozen desserts. In this presentation the company shares the key findings from this survey, while also shining a spotlight on the areas where shoppers would most like to see improvements. Alongside this, Palsgaard highlights the ways in which its emulsifier-stabiliser blends can help manufacturers to perfect their plant-based recipes.

CSR at Oleon: from a natural chemistry to a positive impact

Time: November 22nd at 11 AM CEST

Synopsis: &The world today is full of challenges. We’re facing global problems such as poverty, natural disasters, deforestation and child labor, to name a few. How can we, as a company, have a positive impact on these global issues by working closely together with all our stakeholders? This question forms the basis for Oleon's renewed CSR strategy. We would like to explore together with you how we can have a positive impact on the world around us, making it a better place to live.

Unique and Patented Postbiotic – a Comprehensive Approach Towards Immune Health

Time: November 22nd at 2 PM CEST

Synopsis: Most immune products only provide short-term benefits. The best immune supplements must meet today's complex immune system needs for year-round support.
IMMUSE® is a cutting-edge postbiotic, clinically researched and supported by more than 26 studies to provide the most comprehensive year-round immune support.

Supporting neurodevelopment, cognition and mental health with SureStartTM MFGM Lipids

Time: November 23rd at 9.30 AM CEST

Synopsis: There is a growing opportunity to innovate in early life nutrition, as parents continue to focus on brain and cognitive development. 2 in 5 parents in China are interested in baby and toddler products with cognitive benefits. The brain is growing and developing rapidly in the first years of life and optimal nutrition is imperative. Research shows that MFGM (milk fat globule membrane) ingredients have a positive effect on brain development and cognition. In this broadcast you’ll come away with knowledge of how to utilise science-backed MFGM ingredients, strengthening brand preference and differentiating your products for infants and children.

From Seed to Society: How to select the right protein for your dairy alternative

Time: November 23rd at 9.30 AM CEST

Synopsis: Dairy alternatives for milk, yoghurt and cheese a of growing importance. The multitude of protein ingredients available to choose from can be overwhelming. Different stakeholders, such as consumers, product developers, nutritionists have different preferences. How to balance these different preferences will be the line of the presentation. Technical aspects of products and protein ingredients, such as functionality, taste and aroma, will complement the presentation. As will be fermentation to improve the quality of both the ingredients and the products.

Ambient yoghurt-style products

Time: November 23rd at 10 AM CEST

Synopsis: Dairy alternative products continue to grow in popularity, especially in the yogurt category. Now, the idea of ambient yogurt can help these popular healthy protein snacks become even more convenient for consumers and companies alike. Without a need for refrigeration, ambient yogurts can be stored anywhere, enjoyed anytime and answer post-COVID consumer needs.
Consumers are very open to trying a dairy alternative product if it matches the familiar creaminess and taste of its dairy counterpart. With our extensive research and global innovation labs, CP Kelco can help you achieve the taste, texture and stability you desire to attract flexitarian consumers.

Reformulating with plant-based preservatives: Natural, clean-label antioxidant solutions to preserve shelf life, colour and flavour

Time: November 23rd at 11 AM CEST

Synopsis: Increased consumer demand for clean-label and natural ingredients is driving innovation in the antioxidant landscape. Prinova's range of complete antioxidant solutions deliver improved shelf life preservation, plus colour and flavour protection. Learn how to reformulate, naturally, for success.

Fortified gummies - Pleasure meets health

Time: November 23rd at 11 AM CEST

Synopsis: Functional fruit gums provide a solution to the consumer demand for ways to supplement their diet. These enriched fruit gums are a new delivery form for vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids, probiotics and many other active ingredients. GELITA helps you to develop your specific functional gummy formulation and create joyful products that bridge the gap between nutritional supplements and confectionery products. With GELITA’s fortified gummy solutions, promising times are ahead for the development of innovative health products. Honestly, what would you prefer, a bulky vitamin capsule or a delicious gummy bear?

Unlock the latest Immunity product insights and opportunities

Time: November 24th at 11 AM CEST

Synopsis: The ongoing battle with COVID-19, has seen consumers take an unprecedented interest in immunity. Self-education has resulted in awareness that the body is defending itself all year round and are subsequently focusing on preventative measures to maintain long term immune health, rather than a quick fix. This presents a significant opportunity for food, beverage and supplement manufacturers in Europe to expand their product offerings. Rather than solving single needs, it is increasingly common for health and wellness products to multi-task. In this webinar you’ll walk away with the latest knowledge in immunity trends and product development opportunities with targeted ingredients.

How can Ingredia’s milk proteins provide a clean solution for dairy products

Time: November 26th at 9 AM CEST

Synopsis: Consumers are more and more involved in their health and concerned about environmental issues. They are aware of the ingredients they can find in their food and expect them to be transparent. Ingredia’s milk proteins meet clean label criteria: healthy, natural, ethical, local origin, sustainable. Consumers are attracted by dairy products, especially yogurt and cheese, as healthy and mindful snacks. Indeed, they have inherent good nutritional values and they are easily consumed on-the-go.
Ingredia milk proteins provide the functional solutions for clean label cheese (without whey separation cheese, processed cheese etc ) and fresh dairy products to replace additives.