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Which part of the F&B spectrum does your business fall in?  Exhibiting in the relevant zone makes your brand visible to relevant visitors.

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Food ingredients Zone

The main show floor area open to exhibitors from across the full spectrum of the food ingredients industry ranging from Additives, Bakery, Dairy, Proteins, Starches, Synthetic ingredients, Flavouring & Texture, Functional Foods, Consulting services and much more.

Health ingredients Zone

The health ingredients hall is dedicated to the ingredients that add a specific value and / or fortification to finished food and beverage products. These are ingredients with proven health benefits in terms of contribution to digestive, cognitive, or physical health, or immunity.

Expo FoodTec Zone

Expo FoodTec is a large dedicated area showcasing a wide array of food processing technologies, R&D services, consultancy services, analytical & laboratory equipment, food safety & hygiene, software, certification services, logistics & transportation, ingredients packaging and packaging machinery.

Natural ingredients Zone

Natural is a major growth driver in the F&B industry, with end consumers looking for ingredients that they recognise as naturally-occurring and free from chemicals - closely linked to the drive for ‘clean labels’ in finished products. The Natural ingredients zones are spread across 2 main halls at the exhibition dedicated to the plant, animal, mineral or microbial ingredients present in or produced by nature and directly extracted using simple methods.

Free From Zone

A specialised ingredients zone, which has doubled in space and is meant for companies specialising in ingredients that help with reactions to food allergies or intolerances.  These include gluten-free and sugar-free products among others. 

Plant-based Zone

The Plant-based zone is focused on plant-based ingredients and their applications. This includes not only fruits and vegetables, but also nuts, seeds, oils, whole grains, legumes, and beans. The purpose of this zone is to highlight innovative ways to use meat replacement ingredients for a healthier alternative lifestyle. 

New Exhibitor Zone

Open to all first time exhibitors at Fi Europe, this area on the show floor offers competitively priced stands. Visitors are always attracted to this area as it's the go-to place to find the hottest new start-ups and new products in the food ingredients industry.

Organic Zone

The Organic zone enables certified organic suppliers with a clear and distinguished proposition to showcase their certified ingredients to the F&B industry. This zone is open to specialist suppliers of organically certified food ingredients & food.

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Country Pavilions

Connect with exhibitors at our different country, including USA, Germany, Poland, Japan and more. Hosted jointly in association with leading industry associations, these pavilions are a great option if you’re looking to source ingredients from specific countries and regions. 

Probiotics Resource Centre

Discover everything you need to know about probiotics and meet exhibitors showcasing innovations at this pavilion organised in association with the International Probiotics Association (IPA). 

Startup Pavilion

Fi Europe is the focal point of innovation for the F&B ingredients industry, and start-ups are an integral part of the industry’s growth. We’re looking for companies like yours to be a part of the dedicated start-up pavilion and showcase your products & solutions. ​

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