Better Stands at Fi Europe  

Working together for better quality, safety, sustainability and a better exhibition experience for our F&B community.  

At Fi Europe, your stand is your identity. Your stand is built to capture the attention of thousands of attendees looking to connect with their next business partner. And we’re proud to offer you a platform to create these invaluable connections and showcase your brand. We’re also conscious of the waste that comes from ‘single-use’ stands.  

We’ve introduced our Better Stands initiative to move away from disposable stands in favour of re-usable or recyclable structures at our events. We believe that we can work together with you and your contractors to eliminate considerable waste while still giving you an unparalleled exhibiting experience.  

Why Better Stands?


Eliminate the environmental and health risks posed by single-use stands

Single-use stands are space only builds that are used only once and create considerable environmental, health and safety issues onsite. They are built onsite, often from poor quality material, demolished post-show, sent to a landfill, or burnt.

Switch to reusable stands for better sustainability

Switching to reusable stands where all core elements are reusable reduces waste and ensures safer, smoother and stress-free build and breakdown. It will also eliminate the need for early access or late working costs.


Towards a sustainable future with Better Stands


There are no shortcuts to sustainability, and the only way to get there is by working together with our entire F&B community. To make things easier, we have introduced different tiers of Better Stands for space only stands. We recommend that space only exhibitors work towards achieving at least Bronze status in 2024. So, now is the time to have a conversation with your contractor about moving towards a sustainable solution. 


All space only stands are independently verified at the end of the event to
determine their individual level.


Reusable elements:

  • Stand structure & walls
  • Platform
  • Furniture & equipment
  • Lighting 

Reusable elements

  • Stand structure & walls
  • PlatformFurniture & equipment
  • Lighting Fascia & overhead signage 
  • Rigged structure 
  • Ceiling
  • Display facilities 

Reusable elements:

  • Stand structure & walls
  • PlatformFurniture & equipment
  • Lighting Fascia & overhead signage 
  • Rigged structure 
  • Ceiling
  • Display facilities 
  • Graphics & decorative items 
  • Floor covering 

Work with Fi to build a sustainable future

What's in it for you?

  1. Better cost savings compared to disposable stands
  2. Build to your taste and design, simply meeting material regulations 
  3. Significantly lower waste and a safer, cleaner, more efficient work envirnonment 
  4. Promote your sustainability credentials as a brand 


Getting started 

Start the conversation with your contractor

Your contractor builds your stand from reusable components 

Your contractor builds a modular stand that you can reuse 


Frequently asked questions from exhibitors and contractors

Disposable stands cause environmental, health and safety and wellbeing issues onsite at our events. Across Informa in 2019, disposable stands/booths equated to over 80% of our total waste generated at events. Proactively addressing this practice globally, at events like Fi Europe is key to creating a more sustainable events industry.

When we talk about disposable stands, we mean single use, disposable booths made from raw materials onsite, such as chipboard, particleboard or low-density fiberboard (LDF). Quality of finish is often compromised due to working time pressures.

A non-disposable/reusable stand is constructed using materials designed to be used multiple times. There are almost endless variations of multiple use stands to suit every size and desired appearance and as the cost of these stands is generally lower than for disposable stands this helps to reduce outlay and provide a better investment. It could be:

  • Frame and fabric 
  • Wood stock panels
  • Aluminum modular 
  • Cardboard flat pack
  • Exhibitor owner OR rented
  • Plus many others!

These are already compliant with our sustainability measures. Better Stands is targeted at space only builds, which historically create the most waste.

Food Ingredients Europe informs, inspires, and connects the global food industry to shape a more sustainable food system that is economically resilient, environmentally sound, and better for people around the world. You can find out more about sustainability at Fi Europe here. 

Please contact [email protected] or get in touch directly with your account manager to discuss exhibiting more sustainably.