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The CFDA has recently released a new regulation for the Chinese health industry, which has opened the domestic market to all international dietary supplement companies.

The Chinese health industry is poised for growth, but you must act quickly to take full advantage of the million-dollar business opportunities.

HNC is your platform to harness these opportunities! After nine years of development, HNC has proudly become the flagship event in the Asian health industry. 


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What is HNC

Located in Hall 3, this event will bring together 400+ industry-leading companies who specialise in health food, traditional Chinese medicine, beauty products, and health care products as well as third party services.



HNC features exhibitors

It was fantastic to exhibit at HNC 2018 and participate in the conference and key events. It was very well organised by CCCMHPIE and we thoroughly enjoyed meeting government representatives and fellow industry participants to discuss the latest developments and trends within China’s health industry. Congratulations and thank you.

Swisse Wellness Pty Ltd