Natural Extracts play an important role in the health industry chain

As "Healthy China" becomes part of China's national strategy, people plan to lead healthier lifestyles and the demand for healthier products is growing. Natural extracts, as an 'aggregate' belonging to the pharmaceutical, fine chemical and agriculture industry, plays an important role in the health industry chain. The applications of natural extracts are included in pharmaceutical ingredients, nutraceutical/functional product, food additives, cosmetics, feed additives and etc.

The huge market demand and fierce competition creates even higher requirements for Chinese natural extract suppliers, pushing companies to increase investment in products, technology, scientific research, etc. Meanwhile, the further market segmentation and technological advancement are driving more and more traditional natural extract suppliers to expand their business field.  This competitive environment has created a group of competitive natural extract suppliers that focus on product quality, provide teams with independent R&D as well as strong technical support, and are actively seeking opportunities to 'go abroad' to improve the industry competitiveness.

NEX 2017, taking place alongside Hi China from the June 20-22 2017 will showcase the latest natural extract products, applications and solutions from more than 550 industry leading exhibitors. The range of products and technologies include plant extracts, animal extracts, health product raw materials, supplements, TCM raw materials, dietary fibre, food and beverage raw materials, nutrition and health product raw materials, functional food raw materials, and cosmetics raw materials 

Some of the exhibitors that you will find include: 

  • Zhejiang Huisong Pharmaceuticals, a company engaging in the processing of traditional Chinese medicinal materials and the production and exportation of natural plant essence/extracts, will not only showcase the company's main products,  traditional Chinese medicinal materials and TCM health products, but also other natural products such as honey and edible fungi 
  • Zhucheng Haotian Pharma, a company possessing the world's largest production base of inositol, baicalin and inositol nicotinate, will showcase their healthy, natural and green products 
  • Guilin Layn Natural Ingredients, the first listed company from the Chinese plant extract industry are dedicated to applying plant extract products to the food and beverage industry. They have developed a range of stevia extracts, such as 95% total glucoside (about 65% Reb A) and 97% Reb A, with advantages such as high sweetness, improved taste and low solvent residue, with the caloric contribution to food almost negligible, and at half the price of sugar at the same level of sweetness. 

The international market has always been a place of strategic importance for Chinese natural extract enterprises. The organisers of NEX China and the industry's authoritative association, China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE) are leading Chinese extract enterprises to actively participate in the development of the International Business Standards of Plant Extracts, which attracted much attention both from China and the world.


You can find out more about the trends and challenges in the natural extracts industry onsite at NEX.