ISSN (China) Conference 2023

Supported by ISSN members, the conference attracts 200 delegates from the global fitness industry, with 80% from Mainland China and Asia.

Who attends?

  1. Master Level Personal Trainers
  2. Fitness Professionals
  3. Sports Nutrition Distributors
  4. Gym Owners
  5. Online Sales Platforms
  6. Sports Nutrition Brand Owners
  7. Fitness certification schools and owners

When and Where?

Time:  20- 21, June, 2023 (9:30 AM- 13:30 PM)

Venue: National convention and Exhibition center(Shanghai)


Drew John Campbell

  • CEO & Founder GPNi®
  • ISSN Asia Pacific exclusive partner
  • CISSN certified Sports dietitian
  • Has 23 years of experience in the nutrition industry


Keynote speech: Importance Of Branding In Sports Nutrition


  • Founder and head coach of UP Sports and Physical Development League
  • NSCA China Official Lecturer
  • Chief auditor of NSCA-CPT training courseware and training specification for Greater China

Keynote speech: Athlete Sports Performance For Everyone


  • Master Instructor ISSN
  • CISSN certified sports dietitian
  • Amazing BodyFounder of Riti International
  • Trainer of China Physical Education Training Center


Keynote speech: Fat Loss Strategies For Male & Female Differences


  • Master Instructor ISSN
  • CISSN certified sports dietitian
  • Nutritionist For Chinese Olympic Rowing Team
  • ACSM-CASM CPT, Chinese trainer


Keynote speech: Supplements & Diet For Professional Athletes

Dr. Reid Reale

  • UFC elite training center - sports performance nutrition Supervisor
  • Registered dietitian
  • Senior sports nutritionist
  • 2016 Olympic Games - Chief Combat Sports Nutritionist at AIS

Keynote speech: Evidenced based sports Supplements: What does Research say

Kelvin Goh

  • 27 years working experience in fitness industry
  • In 2015, ESM pulse was introduced into China
  • Many corporate consultants, such as Nike China &FIBO China


Keynote speech: The Economic Opportunities In Sports Nutrition

Special Guests

Dr. Jose Antonio

  • CEO & Co-Founder ISSN
  • Head Professor At NOVA University



Keynote speech: Myths Of Protein Busted & The Updated Research

Dr. Roger Adams

  • CISSN certified sports nutritionist and ISSN Instructor
  • Evidence based nutrition and health counseling practice >23 years
  • ACE Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) and Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Keynote speech: Science Backed Erogenic Ingredients For Marathon Sports

Dr. Seiji

  • Tokyo, Japan Scientific Officer DNS Inc
  • Nippon Sports Promotion Organization (Advisor)
  • Director, Research and Development, Danone Japan Co. LTD.


Keynote speech: Japanese Sports Nutrition Product & Ingredient Market Trends & Regulatory

Dr. Vince Kreipke

  • PhD in exercise Physiology, Florida State University
  • OnnitLaboratory Science Consultant


Keynote speech: Innovation & Cutting Edge Formulations In Sports Nutrition

Dr.Trisha VanDusseldorp

  • Current chairman of ISSN
  • Professor of Exercise Science at Kennesaw State University (KSU)


Keynote speech: Female Sports Nutrition Science

Rick Collins

  • Lawyer, author, lecturer and magazine columnist
  • A criminal prosecutor, a personal trainer and a movie actor

Keynote speech: US Regulatory & Legal Ruquirements of Sports Nutrition Ingredients


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