The Health and Safety of Our Colleagues and Customers is Always Our Top Priority

All personnel involved including exhibitors, visitors and on-site staff will be required to make registration online in advance. All personnel entering to the venue should meet these requirements:

  • Bring China ID card/Foreign Passport original - Wear a mask 
  • Present green QR Health Code by own mobile phone
  • Have a body temperature below 37.3 degrees when scanned. 

All personnel must wear masks, keep 1-meter safe social distance away from others, wash hands frequently and avoid clusters of crowds and body contact.

  • Be aware of any special requirements when travelling to attend the show from outside Shanghai, especially from any medium and high-risk areas. 
  • Exhibitors are responsible for epidemic prevention and disinfection in their own booth during the exhibition, including disinfecting their own booths and keeping daily records. The booth shall be equipped with disinfectant, hand sanitizer and other epidemic prevention materials. If any guest in the booth maintains abnormal temperature, exhibitors should timely report to the staff onsite. Exhibitors, temporary and onsite staff must complete the health information declaration form prior to the exhibition which includes Name ID card. Contact details. Company Name and travel records in the past 14 days 


Thank you for your cooperation,

The Hi & Fi Asia-China Team,
Informa Markets