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The topics covered this year:

1. Beverage Innovations

2. Sports Nutrition Innovations

3. Plant-Based Innovations

The latest innovations in the beverage market

China’s beverage market has experienced considerable growth over the past several years. In 2016 the National Bureau of Statistics reported that domestic beverage industry sales had increased by 10.5% in 2016 . While each beverage category will present different challenges and opportunities, it is clear that there are emerging trends in Chinese consumer lifestyles which are helping shape the market. These trends are huge opportunities for the market, such as Chinese consumers becoming more health-conscious and focused on natural ingredients, the use of social media and digital trends to communicate the experience of a brand to the millennial market, and an upward swing in people eating out and having food delivered at their homes.

Find out what is happening in the Sport Nutrition market

The Chinese sports nutrition market is rapidly growing, being the largest nutritional products market in the world after the US. This is mainly due to rising health awareness, an expanded audience including a more casual or mainstream consumer and the country's growing per capita GDP. As trends of preventative healthcare and fitness grow, there are many opportunities for international brands to operate and thrive in China's sports nutrition market. However, there are obstacles with e-commerce regulations, and the health supplement industry is one of the most tightly regulated markets in the country. Similar to western markets, there is a growing awareness and desire for less processed and artificial ingredients in nutritional products - as a result, natural ingredients and innovative flavours are key for products in the Chinese sports nutrition market. Despite these challenges, the sports nutrition market in China is still in the initial stages of development and it shows great potential. This is a key time for international brands to explore and establish themselves in the market.

The trends and innovations across the plant-based market

With Chinese consumers becoming increasingly more health-conscious, big brands such as Mengniu, Coca Cola, Danone, and Starbucks have all looked to the Chinese plant-based beverage market for revenue. Veganism and the plant-based nutrition movement is a global mega trend which is also beginning to shape the Chinese market, due to increased living standards, China’s economic development, and the major issues the country’s healthcare system is facing. From 2015 to 2017, plant-based milk sales in China increased by 17%. Start-ups specialising in alternative protein, from eggless eggs to pea-stuffed burgers and cell-grown fish products, are piling into the Chinese territory of Hong Kong to tap the mainland’s booming multi-billion dollar food market. Backed by some of the world’s top billionaires including Hong Kong businessman Li Ka-shing, philanthropist Bill Gates and actor Leonardo DiCaprio, plant protein firms are expanding into China for the first time this year. This trend will greatly influence the consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits, especially imported vegetables and fruits.