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Where & When

Visa Requirements

Where & When

Egypt International Exhibition Center, El-Moshir Tantawy Axis.

Dates: 28 - 30 May 2023


Opening hours

Sunday - Tuesday from 10:00 am - 18:00 pm

Visa Requirements

We strongly advise all visitors and participants to arrange their visas, flights and accommodation as early as possible.

Please note: the validity of visas differs depending on an individual’s passport, please check with your embassy if you require further information. If you would like to know more about visa requirements, you can access it here

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Visa Exception List

Citizens of the following 9 countries and territories may visit Egypt without a visa for 3 months: All visitors must hold a passport valid for 6 months.

Bahrain, Hong Kong, Kuwait, Macao, Yemen, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates

Visa on Arrival

Citizens of the following countries can obtain visa on arrival at any of the Egyptian ports of entry:

All EU Nationals, Australia, Canada, Georgia, Japan, Macedonia, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Republic of Korea, Russian Federation, Serbia, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

Special Conditions

The visa-free regime also applies to the citizens of the following countries under certain conditions

  • Afghanistan: provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below
  • Algeria: provided being aged 14 years and below
  • Libya: for residents of Butnan District on Sundays and Mondays
  • Jordan: if holding a standard 5-year passport, provided passport does not contain a stamp from the Jordanian Registration Office on the reverse side cover of the passport (on page 60)
  • Lebanon: provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below
  • Libya: provided being a female national
  • Morocco: provided being aged 14 years and below
  • Sudan: provided being aged 50 years and above or 16 years and below or being a female national
  • Tunisia: provided being aged 14 years and below