Get a sneak peek of what you can expect to find onsite from Spanish exhibitor IGH Flavours & Technology

Our Spanish exhibitor IGH Flavours & Technology shares their thought about industry development as well as what they are showcasing at Fi Africa.

Can you provide an overview of your company; your specialisms are and where your key geographical markets lie?

IGH Flavours & Technology creates and manufactures flavours, emulsions, extracts and compounds for the pastry, confectionery, beverage, ice cream and sport nutrition industry. We produce final products for food service as sauces, toppings, filling and decoration creams, jellies, syrups, concentrated bases and soft ice cream bases. We design and customize preparations with fruit, vegetables, cereals, seeds and chocolate, both sweet and sweet-sour, for the food industry, packaged in pouch, sticks, etc. Our key priority is to be competitive and to develop our products across Africa.

What will you be showcasing at Fi Africa?

This year at Fi Africa we will be showcasing a variety of different flavours and innovations in the different applications of the food industry.

Who are you interested in meeting at the event?

We will be interested in receiving and meeting with food manufacturers from a variety of food industry sectors: beverages, pastries, dairy, confectionery, etc..We are also interested in meeting, importers and distributors from across the region who can connect us to SMEs.

What do you feel is the biggest trends/challenges in the industry currently?

We feel that personalised nutrition is a growing trend. We work for the personalization of the products contributing and building new ideas, through new technologies from our facilities in Spain.An example is the development of products for CHILDREN NUTRITION: MILK DRINK WITH DHA & VITAMINS.