Fi Africa Conference 2023

Fi Africa conference provides the audience with a solid grasp of the latest industry trends to help them adapt to the world transformation by learning about the major innovations & shifts in the African Food Manufacturing industry.

For 3 days, with 6 tracks, 30+ talks and renowned certificates, the conference aims to foster innovative approaches to building human capacities and raising productivity through vocational and entrepreneurship training and industrial skills development.

Proven to be the educational platform destination for 460+ Egyptian and international attendees and delegates in 2022.

"I'm thrilled that we showcased the concept of design thinking at Fi Africa, and attending the exhibition was a great experience; it was a privilege to have Propak Mena alongside FI Africa this year, as it allowed us to meet new Danone clients and merchandisers."

SamirMoftah Quality, Food Safety, R&I Director-Danone Egypt


Following the growing trend of consumer awareness and demand for more beneficial foods, find out how healthy ingredients are now taking over the market, the increasing awareness of functional food uses and new technologies in ingredient processing, as well as the latest food safety practices in the processing of these ingredients.  

  • Circular food manufacturing
  • IngredientsTech
  • New and innovative alternatives
  • Food safety cultures
  • Application of Modern Technologies for Functional Foods
  • The power of alternative ingredients for Healthy Products
  • Sugar substitutes


As a trend to reduce environmental effects, there is an increasing demand for healthy food and clean label or organic food goods among the health-conscious population. Today’s consumers are opting to shift to a more plant-forward diet due to concerns about the impact of their choices on their health and that of the planet. With that, more and more manufacturers are developing plant-based products such as dairy products, baking ingredients and functional foods.  

In partnership with the Plant-Based Foods Industry Association of India, this track will highlight plant-based ingredients, now used as a substitute for healthier consumption.

  • Growth opportunities and winning strategies when entering a newmarket
  • Plant-powered nutrition for a healthy life
  • How plant-based diets are becoming a way of life
  • The eco-friendly aspect of plant-based manufacturing


With our great continent being an unlimited source of raw material, workforce and knowledge, Africa’s current
role is becoming more important worldwide in the F&B manufacturing industry. New investment opportunities, growing markets and a wider supply range are rising daily. All will be demonstrated in this track by Fi Africa’s partners specialized in developing the industry in their countries.

  • Africa, a new food map
  • Africa’s role in supplying ingredients worldwide
  • Dairy and seasoning markets growth
  • Investment opportunities

Since 2019, multiple events have led to a food security problem around the world, as well as in Egypt, whether it is a pandemic, war, price variation or ingredient shortage. In this session, experts will discuss how the food security problem can be addressed, looking deeper into the reasons behind the problem and finding applicable practices which serve as solutions.

  • Effect of Climate Change on Food Security
  • The rise of food prices in Africa: How to stabilize food prices
  • Addressing Food Insecurity in Egypt: Towards Sustaining Food for All.

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