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Low calorie Sweeteners & sugar alcohols include:

- Sucralose

- Stevia

-Monk fruit


-Acesulfame K

-Sodium cyclamate

-Sorbitol powder

- Erythritol


- Maltitol

- Dextrose

- Mannitol

- Polydextrose


Minerals & Vitamins include:

-Ferrous bislyginate

-Zinc bisglycinate

-Zinc sulfate

-Ferrous sulphate

-Calcium  phosphate tribasic

-Calcium phosphate dibasic

-Calcium chloride

-Magnesium chloride

-Potassium chloride

-Sodium chloride

-Alpha lipoic acid

-Vitamin D3

-Vitamin K2

-Vitamin B12

-Calcium pantothenate

-Vitamin E


Thickening agents & emulsifiers include:

-Sodium Alginate

-Alginic acid

-Carboxy methyl cellulose 


Natural Extracts include:

-Cranberry extract

-Saw palmetto


Enzymes & probiotics include:

-Lactobacillus strains




-Pectin methyl esterase



Sports Nutrition include:

-Whey protein concentrate

-Whey protein isolate

-Creatine monohydrate


Other Food ingredients include :

- Cross carmellose Sodium

- Methyl Salicylate

- Methyl paraben base & sodium

- Propyl paraben base & sodium

- MCCP 101, AVICEL PH 101

- MCCP 102 , AVICEL PH 102

- Medium Chain Triglycerides (KOLISOLV)







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