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Marine Hydrocolloids
Marine Hydrocolloids
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Agar Instant

AGAR INSTANT is a specialty Agar with fast solubilization and higher performance at lower temperature compared to standard Agar. It is extracted from organically harvested Seaweed Gracillaria Verrucosa. It dissolves at lower temperature than boiling (80 to 85 °C) and provides an excellent texture in products where fast action of the Hydrocolloid is requested. It is perfectly dispersible in water without lump formation, creating desirable mouth feel in dairy and creamy products. It has long shelf stability in normal storage condition.

It contain no ingredients other than Agar Agar.

Types of Agar Instant

Agar Instant Low Gel Strength (LG)

Agar Instant Medium Gel Strength (MG)

Agar Instant High Gel Strength (HG)

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