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Hugestone Enterprise Co., Ltd.
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Glyceryl Monostearate(GMS)
Glyceryl Monostearate(GMS)


Glycerol monostearate (hereinafter referred to monoglyceride)is a kindof oil chemical product. It’s widely used in food and daily chemical industry.It can be used as lubricant agent in producing PVC transparent particles, as emulsifier for Cream Cosmetics, as anti fogging agent in producing agricultural plastic films and as antistatic agent in producing packaging films.

Role: With emulsification, dispersion, and defoaming

It can resist starch aging and control fat aggregation. It is often used as an additive for candy, ice cream, pastry and bread.

1. Used in chocolate, candy, and ice cream to prevent sugar crystals and oil-water separation, and increase exquisite feel and gloss.

2. Used in margarine to stabilize the emulsion and make the product soft and smooth.

3. Used in bread, biscuits and other cakes, it can improve the structure, increase the volume, resist aging, and extend the shelf life.

4. Used in beverages, can prevent oil from floating, protein sinking and improve stability.

5. For infant formula and infant food

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