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Cellopack For Packaging Industries
Cellopack For Packaging Industries
Booths H1.G40 |
6th October GZ

CELLOPACK is the leading establishment in the Egyptian market, engaging in the production of a wide range of packaging materials classified into six different divisions:

  • PSL – Pressure Sensitive Label Material.
  • Packaging Tapes.
  • Paper Cores.
  • PVC Electrical Insulating Tapes.
  • Printed Labels.
  • Technical Tapes

    Our state-of-the art labeling solutions are well designed for the local as well as the international markets.Our Export division handles the increasing number of international clients. We are proud to deliver our high-quality packaging solutions to clients in the MENA Region, the GCC countries and countries in East & West Africa. Our production standards strictly abide by the international standards for label material.Today, CELLOPACK is the largest producer of pressure sensitive label material in Africa and the Middle East.CELLOPACK is the most advanced producer of paper cores in North Africa.

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Egypt 002 38204790-96
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