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AMF Bakery Systems
AMF Bakery Systems
Booths H1.H01 |
Edisonweg 50 Gorinchem

Bakeries around the world partner with AMF Bakery Systems - inclusive of AMF Tromp and AMF Den Boer - for best-in-class unit equipment and complete system solutions, from mixer to marketplace, that improve operations, products, and bakery success. AMF measures our success by the success of the bakeries we serve help automating. Fully-integrated with our customers, we always provide the highest level of service, from process improvement and system design through installation, training, and aftermarket support. Whether accelerating a large-scale bakery line with the latest in high-speed technology, integrating new equipment into an existing sub-system, or introducing automation for the first time, bakers depend on AMF for efficiency, reliability, consistency, and profitability. Through innovative, precision engineering informed by our master bakers' expertise, AMF designs integrated solutions for:

  • soft bread and buns
  • artisan bread and rolls
  • pizza and flatbreads
  • cakes and pies
  • pastries and croissants and snack foods

At AMF we don't just speak about innovation, we engineer it. Engineered with sanitation in mind, our custom equipment solutions include: dough handling, mixing, dividing, rounding, moulding, sheeting, laminating, depositing, decorating, handling, proofing, baking, cooling, freezing, conveying, packaging, and post-packaging.  ENGINEERING INNOVATION

At AMF, we don’t just speak about innovation; we engineer it. The evidence is in the high-speed solutions synonymous with the AMF name. Through precision engineering and systems expertise, we create custom unit equipment and complete system solutions that help bakery brands increase efficiency, consistency, safety, and profitability.


In designing a solution, we first listen to you, our customer. Then applying our own master bakers’ expertise, we launch each project with a deep understanding of the dough process

Netherlands website 0031-183626252

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