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With the mission of making food different, Henan Chemsino Industry Co.,Ltd (Chemsino) keeps constant innovation and an unwavering focus on the food emulsifiers.Main products: DMG/GMS(Powder, Beads, Liquid, Pellets) 40/52/60/90;  Polysorbate/Tween (Liquid, Powder) 20/60/80; MPG Food Grade/ USP Grade/ Tech Grade; Datem (Beads, Powder, Liquid), SSL;  Span 20/ 60/ 80;PGMS; PGE; PGPR;Lactem;Certificates: ISO9001, ISO22000, RSPO,

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Wuhan Hombo Industrial Co.,Ltd located in Wuhan city and has been focusing on the Chinese phosphates industry market.As one of the leading suppliers,our production facility located in Hubei and Guizhou province and passed ISO,HACCP,KOSHER,HALAL certificate to ensure our products quality and food safety.

Based on good product knowledge and market experiences,we always take our customers at our first place and provide them different grade products to meet their different:demands in food, electroless nickel plating,oilfield industry and textile industry etc..In addition, we also offer

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