Get insights into some of the biggest trends and key issues shaping India’s current food and beverage landscape. Watch these power talks from 9 industry experts as they discuss topics such as food safety, holistic health, the need for a health revolution in India, and more.

Is it time for a health revolution? According to Dr. Rahul Marwah , Ayurveda could be the next big thing to take the food and beverage industry by storm.

Can ‘fresh’ and ‘organic’ claims really be trusted? Hear Dr. Rangaprasad share his insights into the need for strict regulations for a future with safe food.

Food quality control done right – Discover the applications of HPTLC in assessing food quality quickly and accurately.

What does the future of India’s health landscape look like? Shubhangini Joshi shares her insights into the effects of globalisation on consumer’s overall health. 

What does it really take for a food and beverage startup to succeed? Hear Dr. Prabodh Halde share his insights into India’s startup ecosystem.

50% of Indian adolescents aren’t getting enough exercise, according to research. Hear Radhika Hedaoo discuss the state of Indian adolescents’ physical and mental health and the urgent need for targeted intervention.

What are emulsions? Hear Sanjeev Sharma discuss the functionality of emulsions in the food and beverage industry with examples.

Time for the end of diet culture? In her power talk, Bhavana Shah draws attention to the damaging effects of fad diets and offers a simple, healthy alternative.

“Let thy food be thy medicine”. Listen to Dr. Monal Velangi discuss the important role of functional oils in preventing conditions such as osteoarthritis.