About Fi India

Join the largest gathering of food and beverage professionals in India

With a legacy of 16 years, Food ingredients India (Fi India) is the most comprehensive B2B show in the Indian sub-continent for the food, health ingredients, processing and packaging industry. The show rotates annually within India’s thriving food hubs - Mumbai, Bengaluru and New Delhi.

Fi India 2023 is the upcoming 17th edition of Fi India, scheduled to take place in Mumbai during 17-19 August. Last year, the very first time, Fi India was held in Bengaluru. The objective for this year’s Fi India is to offer a comprehensive showcase of ingredients and help leverage India’s wide-ranging and large raw material base for food processing industries.

Food ingredients India

Launched in 2006, Food ingredients India has been known as a driving force to India's processed food sector and has a fundamental role as facilitating the industry's only meeting place. Both regional and global food professionals use this opportunity to learn about the latest industry developments, meet new business prospects and launch products to gain competitor advantage in the fastest growing food marketplace in the world.

By bringing the industry together, Fi India allows you to display your products to thousands of food professionals at once, and conduct business efficiently and effectively.

Health Ingredients India

Health ingredients India will be a corner of the show.

Over the past two decades, the ingredients industry has evolved significantly with consumers seeking functional foods that offer beneficial solutions to whatever health challenges they may face. From antioxidants to anti-allergens and fat reduction to sports nutrition, nutrition and wellness is a growing trend with no end in sight.

To capture this market trend, the leading nutritional ingredients event, Health ingredients (Hi) India created a powerhouse exhibition that provides a complete 360-perspective of the health, nutritional and wellness industry.