Japan's ONLY exhibition for Food Safety and Quality Control

Awareness of food safety is at an all-time high in Japan following a spate of high-profile incidents that have shaken consumer confidence in the quality and safety of the food they are being offered by manufacturers. Partly as a result of this, but also because of tightened regulations and the need to develop and take to market ever-more innovative products, investment in all areas of production quality control, testing and monitoring equipment and services by Japanese food manufacturers is increasing.

The S-tec (Safety Technology) Japan exhibition is the only event in Japan that focuses on this highly specialised segment and provides the best opportunity to meet production and R&D professionals from food manufacturing companies.


Exhibitor Presentations are programs where exhibitors present papers introducing new products, the results of research and the announcement of new business developments. A total of 330 presentations will be given by exhibitors during S-tec Japan.


In addition to the “Exhibitor Presentations” programme, there is a “Special Conference” that features high-profile speakers presenting papers on the latest developments in ingredients technology, marketing trends and advances in food safety and quality control. There will be about 30 conference sessions during S-tec Japan.


Gain instant access to the rapidly growing market in Japan for quality control and product safety in the food manufacturing industry.

  • Establish profitable connections
  • Meet the right prospects
  • Maintain relationship with your existing clients
  • Launch your newest products
  • Learn about new developments
  • Be part of the ONLY exhibition in Japan for food safety and quality control

Exhibitor Profile

  •  Analysis/ Measurement & Physical and Chemical Equipment
  • Safety Test Instruments for Food
  • Safety/ Sanitation-Related Service
  • Sanitation-Related Materials
  • IT Solution
  • Production/ Process
  • Environmental Measure/ Materials
  • Publication/ Consulting
  • Associations

          Visitor Profile

          • Food Manufacturer
          • Health and Nutritional Foods Manufacturer
          • Food Additives Manufacturer
          • Trading/ Wholesale Companies
          • Retailers/ Distributers
          • Contract Testing/ Laboratories
          • Education Institutions
          • Consultant/ Certification Bodies
          • Governments/ Organisations/ Associations