Exhibitor FAQ

Fi Asia 2021 latest updates

Access & Log-in

Please contact your nearest sales 

Once registered to the event you receive an email from [email protected] with your login link. Please check your spam folder in case you have not yet received the Email. You can also access the event here, type in your registered email and use the forgot password option. A new link will be sent to your registered email from [email protected]

The amount of exhibitor staff you can register is dependent on the exhibitor package you have booked.

In your exhibitor booking confirmation you have received access to register your team for the event. Every colleague registered within your team to the event will receive their log-in link sent via [email protected]

Adding exhibiting staff to your company gives them several privileges:

  •  ability to see visitors in the attendee list & visitors are able to see you!
  •  ability to modify company page
  •  ability to answer and assign the meeting requests received
  •  ability to receive and respond to company chats
  •  ability to share the contacts made during the event in the company connection report
  •  ability to see who visiting your virtual booth

Content Session

The content will take place across the 2 weeks of the event. The content will be divided between on-demand content and live content. You can view all the content in the agenda.

We have many opportunities for your company to be promoted as a knowledge partner or to host an exhibitor showcase.

Please contact your nearest sales 

Exhibitor Package

You can find the full range of packages and options here. To speak to us directly please fill out this form, and a member of the sales team will get back to you to discuss the options.

To enjoy all the benefits and additional functionalities of Fi Asia, please upgrade your package. View all packages here. To upgrade your package please get in touch with us at: 

Yes, as part of your exhibitor package you will be able to see, search for and connect with visitors. We strongly encourage you to be proactive in meeting requests. Don’t wait for visitors to invite you to meet. Do your research, personalize your messages and send requests to the relevant contacts. The more you put into the event, the better the event will be. View our Exhibitor Guide to learn how to get the most out of the platform.

This will depend on your package. Those with the complementary package, will only be able to view visitors that have viewed their company profile, or connected with someone with the team. But those with Basic, Pro and Premium packages can view the full attendee list.

There are many ways that you can make your company more visible. Our first suggestion is to add all the relevant details in your company profile, so it is clear to attendees what you are offering. We then also advice your team members to have their profiles updated with a picture, to make it more personal and to be more approachable. Three actively search and reach out to potential partners instead of waiting.

Within the Exhibitor Center of your company, you can see and export your company analytics and reports:

1) On the home tab you can see general analytics of your company including:
Number of views of your company profile; Number of people who bookmarked your company; Number of contacts made; Number of confirmed meetings; Number of contacts with scoring; Average of scorings made by your members

2) Meetings Export
This export allows you to see all meetings your team has requested, received, accepted or declined. It includes general details of both your team member as well as the meeting partner. Please note that GDPR compliant contact details are only included if a meeting request has been confirmed.

3) Team's contacts export
This export allows you to see all contacts your team has made within the event. You will be to see the GDPR compliant contact details of each connection, which team member's connection it is and lastly how the contact is rated and any comments. This report will be essentially for your company to follow-up on any leads.
Please note: Any contacts from a team member that uses the setting to not share their contacts with the team, will not appear in this export.


As this is a global event the platform will open all day to browse, send meeting invites, consume content. We advice you to make your calendar available for your personal time zone, so people know when to request meetings with you.

Yes, from MY EVENT you can export all your meetings as an .ics file to add to your calendar app or as a PDF file.

Yes, the best way to test this is by connecting with a colleague on the platform, opening a chat with them and using the camera call function at the top right corner of the chat.


Connections and meetings are a core element of a successful event experience.

1. Connect, chat & video call with Attendees Browse the attendee list, and use the filters to quickly find the most relevant attendees for you and your company. You can send connection requests and chat instantly. Once the connection request is accepted you will be able to video call through the platform outside of meeting times!

2. Incoming Requests Visitors can reach out to you directly to connect. They will be able to send your company or your team members meeting requests. All meetings incl their status can be viewed in your Exhibitor Center under ""Meetings"". Please note we strongly advise you to not just wait for incoming requests but be proactive towards visitors.

3. Suggested Matches Our matchmaking engine uses the information you have entered on your profile when registered and makes suggestions of attendees that might be relevant to you. You can find these suggestions at the top of the attendee list.

4. Other Networking Opportunities Participate in the extensive content programme during the event where you can chat to other attendees and pose questions to the speakers Note: Some exhibitor packages also include additional support in finding you the right attendees! See here for more information.

All meetings within Fi Asia are on a 1-to-1 basis.

Yes, if the attendee isn't a meeting partner you wish to connect with you should reject the meeting request.

No, currently meetings are only possible on a 1-to-1- basis.

Yes, you will be able to see the contact details of the attendee once you are a connection. A connection is made by sending a connection request and your counter-part accepting it.

Yes, attendees can directly send meeting requests to your company instead of solely a company team member. Please ensure to check your incoming meetings in your Exhibitor Center and assign a team member to them.

Organiser are ready ready to offering the meeting room platform called Roundtables, exhibitors are able to engage together and discuss a subject over a multi people video call up to 100 peoples.

When having a private video call, exhibitors can now invite some people from your team or technical person to join without leaving the call. But they must be have Fi Asia online event account.

Exhibitor Enquiry

Unfortunately, it is not possible to have any events in Thailand this year. For this reason, we have postponed the in-person event to 2022. The online event will take place from 9-22 September, giving you the chance to connect, do business and learn.

Yes in 2022, Fi Asia will be held twice, in Bangkok and Jakarta. Fi Asia 2023 will return to a bi-annual cycle, and will take place in Thailand, and 2024 in Indonesia.