Our Commitment to Sustainability

Shaping the Food & Health Industry for a sustainable future

Sustainability is of increasing importance to all industries. At Informa Markets, sustainability is central to how we run out events, how we make decisions and how we do business on a daily basis. Every year we aim to make the event more sustainable and to encourage our visitors and exhibitors to improve their sustainability efforts to continue to improve the industry. 

Every year, and with the launch of every new event, we aim to continue to drive our sustainability agenda and run our events in an enironmental and socially responsible way, and to continue to inspire the sustainable devlopment of the industry we serve.

Our Three Aims:


We focus on:

  • Using our content and partnerships to help support the sustainability of Food and Beverage industry
  • Inspiring our suppliers, exhibitors and other stakeholders to deliver a sustainable Food ingredients Online event


We focus on:

  • Reducing our event’s carbon emissions.
  • Creating less waste.
  • Considering sustainability credentials of all the items sourced for the event.


We focus on:

  • Doing business safely and ethically
  • Ensuring our event is a welcoming environment for all
  • Considering wellbeing and accessibility
  • Creating a positive impact on our host cities

Our efforts include:

  • With the situation of No physical event, the in person “Innovative F&B product Competition – Future Food Concept” – we have turned it to be on online competition which partners with existing supporters and expand to new partnership. Follow us at competition track
  • Implement “online Innovation Tour” with our partners, this feature will guide audience to search and explore more information about innovation of ingredients development on Future food concept covering Free from food, Planted base, Alternative Protein
  • Content during the 14 days will provide the Food Development trend, ASEAN Market insights, technical aspect of ingredients application and Way to build sustainable F&B industry in ASEAN such BCG model, future food

Our efforts include:     

  • Sustainable focus ads promoting on Food waste, Food rescue project
  • Encourage the audience to have more healthy beverage / drink during their work from home condition and during attending the event. Promoting the short Video how to make healthy drink
  • Insert 2 -3 examples or stories of the show’s work in this area or new features you’ve introduced this year
  • Partner with non profit organization to introduce the project rescue food, using surplus food for the poverty or new dish to those who has less opportunity through their program

Our efforts include: 

  • The Food ingredients online event will be run during day time, however if any audiences missed , they also can access at any of their free time
  • The session is organized to ensure the audience will not spend their eye sight in front of laptop more than 1 hours, there will be break between session to session
  • Educate and sharing audience with session on Mindfulness and short Yoga session
  • Session is available for all audiences in industry / community of F&B with free of charge and extended collaboration to university students level in Food science
  • To inspire the community and support the equality approach, we also have Women in F&B panel discussion, highlighted with interview the
  • Paralympic athletes how they take care their nutrition intake and wellbeing
  • Some of the content also provide with local language to support the local Thailand F&B community

Easy Ways You Can Be More Sustainable At Food Ingredients Asia Online Event

Here are our top tips on how you can help make this event even more sustainable. 

  1. Reduce the brightness of your screen and remember to hibernate your computer when not in use to help reduce your energy usage.
  2. Make sure you take a break at regular intervals throughout the day. Getting away from your screen for a minute to stretch your legs, staying hydrated and having a healthy snack will improve your ability to get the most out of the event.
  3. Be aware of our code of conduct and help us ensure a welcoming atmosphere of respect for all.
  4. When talking to exhibiting companies remember to ask them about the sustainability credentials of their business and their products.
  5. Most event resources have been designed to be easily viewed online or via a mobile device so please avoid printing where possible to help reduce paper waste.
  6. Consider eating a healthy meat-free lunch during the event, it’s good for you and for the planet.

How can you support sustainability

One of the biggest challenges a company face when embracing any aspect of sustainability is finding the right information and resources. In an effort to empower our community, Fi Asia offers webinars and sessions tackling some of the issues the industry faces.

Additionally, we created a series of short guides to help you make the most of the event and stay on top form throughout. We included additional resources which we hope inspired you to create a more sustainable future for your company and the industry.

  • Sustainability in the Food Industry from a point of views of BCG Model
  • Sustainability in the Food Industry: From the disabled athlete point of view
  • Plant-based meat is set to soar in South East Asia
  • Sustainability in Food Industry : Surplus food in ASEAN
  • Women in Food (Panel Sessions)

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Sustainability At Informa

Our event is part of Informa Markets and the Informa Group.  Sustainability at Informa focuses on the long term impacts we have on customers, colleagues, the communities we work in and the environment.

Many of our stakeholders are clearly telling us that sustainability (social, economic and environmental) is something that is no longer a nice to have but a necessary part of any event.  We want to make sure we’re meeting those expectations and we believe that being sustainable is the right thing to do.

We also recognise that it’s not just about the way we produce our events and products but recognizing that we have a role to play in providing a space to work in partnership together with our markets to inspire the sustainable development of the industries we serve.  This is an ongoing process for us and we’re looking for ideas of how we can improve.

More information about our work so far can be found on the www.informa.com/sustainability including our latest sustainability reports.

Informa and its events have received numerous awards and recognition including:

Attendees and exhibitors are encouraged to follow simple steps to ensure their experience at the event is as wholesome and sustainable as possible.

Visitors FAQs & Exhibitors FAQs provide additional guidance and tips to:

  • Send meeting requests
  • Organise schedules
  • Enhance profiles
  • Networking
  • Access content
  • and more!