Be a part of ASEAN’s thriving beverage market

The Southeast Asian beverage market is full of opportunities for local and global companies. With emerging economies, an increase in disposable income, and changing consumer habits to reflect global trends, this is a key region for beverage companies to focus. Fi Asia will once again take advantage of this growing trend by once again hosting the Beverage ingredients pavilion (Bi) onsite and Bi Theatre onsite at this year’s event.

Bi Pavilion

The Bi Pavilion will be the dedicated area onsite to showcase the latest in beverage ingredients in response to the strong growth of the ASEAN beverage market.

Bi Theatre

Alongside the Bi Pavilion, hear from experts in the beverage ingredients industry in the dedicated Bi Theatre. This is the place onsite to discover the latest beverage trends sweeping the ASEAN region.

ASEAN beverage market at a glance

  • Indonesia has seen the most new product
    in the beverage market in the Southeast Asian region, with most key ingredients centred around health and hydration
  • Coffee culture is booming in Southeast Asia with Indonesia leading the way – with a CAGR of 11.4%
  • Across the South-East Asia region, one of
    the key trends is sugar reduction and product reformulation, fueling by the various sugar taxes that governments across the region have implemented
  • The plant-based trend is growing across
    South East Asia, and this can be seen in the increase in availability of dairy free options on the market
  • Beer has traditionally been the alcoholic
    drink of choice across Vietnam, and the craft beer section grew by 40% in 2016 and has experienced a continued growth since

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