Snacks & Bakery Deep Dive Day - 24 May 2022


Session 1: Snacks and Bakery: Consumer and product insights

Session 2:  Key trends translated to products & processing by Fuji Oil Europe

Session 3: Snacks and Bakery: Reformulation strategies


Insights into marketing strategies, sourcing of ingredients and product applications.

Bakery and snack products are an essential part of everyday diets across the globe, and as such they are highly impacted by the latest F&B trends, especially since people are looking for nutritious and quick on-the-go treats. As health became the main focus of eating habits, priority was initially given to avoiding dietary evils and monitoring portion control due to the increasing number of people across the globe classified as overweight or obese. However, in recent years, consumers have adopted a broader concept of what constitutes a healthy diet. Some of the current major trends in healthier baked goods and snacks include:

  • Plant-based products and ingredients (like vegetables, whole grains and legumes, for example).
  • Healthier fats and oils.
  • Functional products such as those with added fibre or protein, or ingredients intended to improve digestive health, brain health, mood, etc.
  • Smaller portion sizes – a trend that has been given an unexpected boost from the COVID crisis, as individual portions have gained favour due to hygiene concerns.

In addition to the health aspect, the category is also being transformed by growing consumer interest in a product’s content. Consumers want reassurance that ingredients used are real and authentic and are free from chemicals and artificial ingredients that are harmful to their health. They look for Clean Label products with natural ingredients. They also increasingly care about the environmental impact of certain ingredients such as palm oil.

Join us for the Snacks and Bakery Deep Dive Day to hear from leading industry experts about the latest consumer insights, product updates and innovations happening in this space. The programme will include expert sessions, live discussions and Q&A covering marketing strategies and claims, sourcing of ingredients and applications. Attendees will receive the Fi Global Insights Snacks and Bakery Report 2022.

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