Protein Deep Dive Day - 8 March 2022


Session 1: Protein: Consumer and product insights

Session 2:  SipaPro-Oat: Take a dive into the world of organic oat proteins

Session 3: Protein: Nutritional impact across lifespan and future


Insights into marketing strategies, sourcing of ingredients and product applications.

Protein has become a purchase driver for many consumers, from mainstream shoppers seeking products for satiety and weight loss, post-workout recovery, or to help prevent the age-related muscle loss known as sarcopenia, to sports people looking for protein-boosted products to build muscles and improve performance.

Due to this high level of interest, protein is increasingly highlighted on-pack for a wide variety of foods, across many categories from breakfast cereals and dairy products, to baked goods and snacks. Key questions about these products remain to be addressed, however. What is the quality of the proteins used and how appealing are they from a sensory perspective? The quality of a protein is determined by assessing its essential amino acid composition, digestibility, and the bioavailability of amino acids. Proteins from dairy, soy and wheat currently are the most widely used proteins in the food industry, but they all are among the most common allergens, and each has different functionalities. Soy protein is the most common plant-based option, but some consumers – especially in Europe – are worried about its links with deforestation. Product developers must consider the concerns of their target market, as well as the protein source and application, when considering which protein ingredients to use.

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