Healthy snacking: From healthy indulgence to ‘mood food’ - 12 September


According to Mintel’s data, seven out of 10 Americans experienced gastrointestinal issues in 2020, while 36% of adults claim to be managing their digestive health through their diet9. With increased data around how gut health impacts overall wellbeing, there is a growing opportunity for the food and beverage market to deliver new products embracing this trend. From health-boosting ingredients to free-from concepts, the possibilities are numerous.  

While the trend is visible across categories, it is especially trending in the beverages and snacks categories. For example, one third of snack bar launches in Europe feature a high/added protein claim, which was once solely the domain of fitness enthusiasts10.   

The Health and Wellbeing themed webinars will examine which ingredients and concepts lead the gut health trend and how snacks are becoming the new health category.  

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