Health and Wellbeing Deep Dive Day - 18 October 2022


Insights into marketing strategies, sourcing of ingredients and product applications.

According to Euromonitor, global sales of fortified/functional foods reached $292 billion in 2021, up from $274 billion in 2020. In Europe, as much as 56% of consumers claim to eat healthy and sustainable diet most of the time. This is also why health is one of the main drivers for innovation for the F&B industry in the region alongside sustainability and indulgence. Some of the biggest trends within functional foods as identified by IFT are: immunity boosting ingredients, staying fit, weight management, mental and emotional health and overall disease prevention which links to healthy ageing.

According to FMCG Gurus, as consumers in Europe look to boost their immune system, functional foods will continue to grow in popularity. Consumers will be interested in both recognised and new ingredients that offer maximum efficacy when dealing with health solutions. Europe is the most lucrative market for immunity-enhancing products and leads the way for product launches. Forty-one percent of global new food, drink, and healthcare products making an immunity claim in the past five years were launched in Europe, followed by 34% in Asia, 10% in North America, and 9% in Latin America, according to Mintel.

There is also the notion of holistic health that is fuelling interest. FMCG Gurus found that almost as many global consumers were planning to improve their general health and wellness (60%) throughout 2021 as those who wanted to improve specific health outcomes, such as heart health (65%) and immunity (64%). This presents opportunities for functional food and drink manufacturers to develop products that support emotional as well as physical health. This means that many consumers will find appealing products that are positioned around aiding several areas of health simultaneously, such as improving for example immune health, digestive health, and sleep health.

Join us for the Health and Wellbeing Deep Dive Day  to  hear from leading  industry  experts  about how to launch a successful functional food or drink product, and which on-pack claims and health benefits resonate with consumers. The programme will include expert sessions, live discussions and Q&A covering marketing  strategies, ingredient innovations and applications. Attendees will also receive the Fi Global Insights Health and Wellbeing Report 2022. 

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