Dairy & Dairy Alternatives Deep Dive Day - 5 April 2022


Session 1: Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Spotlight on sustainability and health

Session 2:  Dairy and Dairy Alternatives: Tapping into future trends


Insights into marketing strategies, sourcing of ingredients and product applications.

While the dairy alternative market gains in popularity, its share of the market remains small in comparison to conventional dairy, at about 2.5% of the European market, according to analysis from ING – although it expects this to increase to 4.1% by 2025. However, despite the dairy sector’s dominance, major players in the industry take the rise of plant-based dairy alternatives seriously, with many acquisitions happening in the space proving that there is expected growth within both categories. Hence, while companies like Danone buy into the plant-based space by purchasing known brands like Alpro, key questions remain: Which marketing strategies and product innovations will drive growth in both categories and how will these categories influence one another? And, considering the growing number of flexitarians, what new products do dairy producers have to offer these consumers, and how can the market penetration of plant-based products be accelerated?

One thing is certain, there is a lot of innovation happening in both the dairy and dairy alternative categories. Marketing strategies need to be updated to meet new consumer needs, new ingredients are being launched at a fast pace, and there is a drive towards more sustainable processing technologies. Dairy alternative products like cheese for example, which have been hard to replicate in terms of taste and texture, could be revolutionised by precision fermentation and other processes.

Join us for the Dairy and Dairy Alternatives Deep Dive Day to hear from leading industry experts about the latest consumer insights, product updates and innovations happening in this space. The programme will include expert sessions, live discussions and Q&A covering marketing strategies and claims, sourcing of ingredients and applications. Attendees will receive the Fi Global Insights Dairy and Dairy Alternatives Report 2022.

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