Beverages Deep Dive Day - 20 September 2022


Insights into marketing strategies, sourcing of ingredients and product applications.

The beverage aisle is being transformed by the plant-based, health & wellbeing and sustainability trends. According to data from Foodtrending, milk alternatives, nutritional beverages (protein shakes, energy drinks, functional beverages and meal replacements), and ready-to-drink tea and coffee are among the star performers when it comes to sales growth within the category. Consumers are looking for healthier options for their soft drinks, energy drinks, as well as alternatives to alcoholic beverages, preferably something with unexpected flavour twists. Another long-term focus within the category is sugar reduction. Carbonated soft drinks that have a reduced sugar content tend to drive higher sales within Europe, according to Mintel. And according to data from the European Soft Drinks Association, UNESDA, beverage producers have cut added sugars in soft drinks by an average of 14.6% from 2015 to 2019, outpacing an EU target for a 10% reduction by 2020.

Innovative formats are also gaining importance as many consumers reach for powder and tablets that they can add to their water bottle on-the-go or to customize at home. Within hot drinks, tea brands are removing plastic from tea bags and investing in more sustainable materials.

Ingredients such as botanicals are increasingly used in beverages for their health benefits, which include supporting the immune system but also tackling stress and anxiety. The percentage of new product launches containing floral ingredients grew from 7% in 2015 to 14% in 2020, while those with herbal and spice ingredients grew from 8% to 10% over the same period, according to Mintel. Botanicals and adaptogenic blends and ayurvedic ingredients are emerging as an important area for premium teas. However, soft drinks are also increasingly looking to delivering functional benefits alongside working on more natural ingredient lists and sugar reduction.

Join us for the Beverages Deep Dive Day to hear from leading industry experts about which products are trending, which on-pack claims and health benefits resonate most with consumers, and other issues being tackled by the beverages category. The programme will include expert sessions, live discussions and QA covering marketing strategies, ingredient innovations and applications. Attendees will also receive the Fi Global Insights Beverages Report 2022.

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