Healthy snacking: From healthy indulgence to ‘mood food’ - 12 September


Euromonitor predictions suggest global health and wellness snack sales could top $98bn (€94bn) by 2025. As reported in Ingredients Network, “Healthy snack demand is on an upward trajectory in Europe, fuelled by products attaching health halos to their products, according to latest figures by Euromonitor – but regulations may be the real driver.”1

While the pandemic has clearly been a key driver shaping consumer focus towards health, regulatory interventions around the reduction of high sugar, fat and salt are also key drivers. The move towards better-for-you snacks is increasingly bridging the food and wellness industries. Our understanding of the effect of our diets on our general health and our mental wellbeing is having an impact on what we decide to grab between meals. As Snacks and Bakery suggests, “Ideally, people want snacks that offer great taste and nutrition simultaneously, without trade-offs. In addition, evidence must exist to support multifunctional claims and reaffirm product quality.”2 

In this Fi webinar we will look at how this sector is being redefined, what traditional products may be being eclipsed as a result, and how growth categories including functional ingredients, plant-based, paleo and keto are contributing to the transformation of snacking.

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