10 new Vietnamese beverages

The market for beverages in Vietnam varies from imported premium beers to locally manufactured liquid artichoke concentrate.

Between 2013 – 2015 the Vietnamese beverage industry saw a US$ 30 million increase in imported food and ingredients. Below ten new beverages launched in the first quarter of 2018.*

1. Vanilla Cappuccino Drink with Stevia (Imported)

Company: NutriFood
Brand: Tropicana Slim

A halal certified drink without saccharin, cyclamate, preservatives, beet sugar or cane sugar. March 2018.


2. Tan Cuong Thai Nguyen Tea (Made in Vietnam)

Company: Eco
Brand: Tra Guoc

An authentic Vietnamese 100% green tea made in the traditional way. March 2018.


3. Czech Dark Lager Beer (Imported)

Company: Budejovicky Budvar
Brand: Budweiser Budvar

Imported premium lager beer. March 2018.


4. Liquid Artichoke Concentrate (Made in Vietnam)

Company: Thanh Uyen
Brand: Atiso Viet

Made from natural artichoke’s flowers and leaves, using cold drying technology to retain its natural flavour and quality. The all-natural and premium quality product can be used alone or conveniently mixed with water and wine. March 2018.



5. Honey Citron Tea (Imported)

Company: Ottogi Samhwa Food
Brand: Ottogi

Honey tea with citron prepared by adding hot water. Jan 2018.



6. Schwarzbier Premium Dark Beer (Imported)

Company: Red Rock
Brand: Gauden

Imported beer comes in a recyclable pack and is positioned as environmentally friendly. Jan 2018.



7. Tan Cuong Tea (Made in Vietnam)

Company: Ngan Trang
Brand: Nhu Y

All natural tea claimed to be free from chemicals. Jan 2018.



8. Instant Turmeric Latte (Made in Vietnam)

Company: Zemlya 
Brand: Honi More

Instant latte with vegetable creamer contains curcumin that provides antioxidant properties and helps prevent dark spots, leaving skin radiant, smooth and ruddy. Jan 2018.



9. Pineapple Flavoured Fruit Beer (Imported)

Company: Taiwan Tobacco & Liquor
Brand: Taiwan Beer

Natural and fresh new fusion of lager beer containing 5% of fruit juice. Jan 2018.



10. Instant Calcium Turmeric Latte (Made in Vietnam)

Company: Zemlya
Brand: Honi More

Instant latte with vegetable milk and turmeric which is said to be good for healthy bones and skin. The product is also enriched with calcium and vitamin D3 to help support healthy bones, prevent osteoporosis and foster calcium absorption. Jan 2018.