NutrIn: increasing the shelf-life of peanut products


Argentinian ingredients company, Nutrin, supply quality peanut ingredients to the global food industry. From their plants in Argentina and Brazil they produce products such as partially de-fatted peanut flour, peanut butter and ground peanuts which can be used to add peanut flavour to foods. We caught up with President, Adam Benado, to discuss why the Vietnamese F&B market is so important for them.

1. Why have Nutrin chosen to exhibit at Fi Vietnam this year?

We have chosen to exhibit at Fi Vietnam because the Vietnamese people are known to love the taste of peanuts. They produce a lot of good quality peanuts that are excellent for use snacks, but not suitable for use as ingredients, due to their short shelf life. Nutrin's long shelf-life peanut ingredients permit Vietnamese food processors to create great-tasting finished foods with longer shelf life than would be possible using Vietnamese peanuts.

2.  Can you tell us more about the product/s you will be showcasing at Fi Vietnam this year?

We are showcasing liquid, solid, and powdered peanut ingredients that can be added to foods for the purpose of introducing peanut flavor in applications where, until now, it has been difficult or impossible to do. For example, directly to chocolates, creme fillings, coatings, etc.

3.  Why is the Vietnamese market so interesting for Nutrin?

Vietnam is an interesting market because it comprises a large number of people who love the taste of peanuts. Vietnam has a large population and long tradition of planting and eating peanuts as snacks, though a much lesser tradition of consuming peanuts as part of other goods such as confections, in good part due to the poor shelf-life exhibited by local varieties of peanuts. Nutrin provides ingredients made from long shelf-life varieties of peanuts that result in delicious confections, savory snacks, and baked goods, which have suitable shelf life for the retail market.

4.  What is the biggest challenge you have found in entering the Vietnamese market? Does it differ from other countries in the region?

Lack of awareness of our long shelf-life ingredients is the primary challenge. Our ingredients are technical ingredients which cannot be used by ordinary consumers, but which are very successfully applied by industrial users worldwide who are seeking to overcome technical challenges associated with using normal peanut ingredients. 

5.  What advice would you give other international companies looking to enter the Vietnamese F&B market?

We are taking the position that "persistence pays".  We will see over time if this is a wise policy or not.

6.  What is the biggest trend or challenge you see impacting the industry at the moment?

People want safe, nutritious, good-tasting, and convenient food.  In the packaged retail food industry, especially that which contains peanuts, that is a very significant challenge.

7.  Who would you like to meet at Fi Vietnam this year?

We would like to meet all the chocolatiers, producers of baked goods that have creamy fillings or coatings, and the distributors of food-service, to demonstrate the new and innovative things one can do with long shelf-life peanuts.