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Cereals at Fi South America

Hot cereals present a range of regional opportunities

“Innovation opportunities in the hot cereal market include the option to introduce a range of local and regional grains, replacing the typical oat base.” Flavors in North America Did you know that 93...

Healthy and Ethical Living Megatrends Boost Fresh Produce Consumption

Healthier products are on the rise. The thriving development of plant-based proteins such as walnuts and chestnuts has contributed to an impressive 4% growth in the volume of global sales of fresh...

Carb Concerns Threaten Pasta in Brazil

Pull Quote: " Growing wariness around carbohydrate intake in Brazil requires pasta manufacturers to invest in better-for-you innovations to improve products' nutritional profile.” Brazilians are carb...

Back to Nature and No to Sugar

Euromonitor International has published a new report, 8 Food Trends, outlining eight megatrends in packaged foods that will be most influential in 2018. These megatrends, which share common...

Cheese has yet to become a staple in Brazil

After years of recession, Brazil's economy shows signs of recovery, suggesting that cheese brands should get ready to profit from an increase in purchasing power. Brazilians have cut down on cheese...

Butter has a bright future in Brazil

The ongoing reappraisal of natural fats suggests a bright future for butter in Brazil as long as manufacturers can reduce their reliance on bread. Brazilians eat less yellow fats Volume consumption...

Back to the Nature - Featured by Euromonitor International

Euromonitor International presents the new report " 8 Food Trends " indicating the eight trends in packaged foods with the biggest impact in 2018. These mega-trends have the power to transform...
Coffee bean

Smart Food

Every year the food industry surprises consumers across the globe with smart food developments that add value to the consumer's life. Regis Iacio reflects the innovations in alternative energy drinks.
processed food brazil

Shopper Demand for Less Processed Foods and Beverages Fuels the Clean Eating Trend in Brazil

The macro trend of clean eating is driving significant change in the food and beverage industry as shoppers seek out products that are less processed, healthier and “free-from” perceived negatives...
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How Far Can Nutrition Travel in Brazil?

Brazilian shoppers are becoming increasingly interested in healthy eating. Six out of ten shoppers claim their diet has improved over the last two years, and they eat healthier than they used to,...

There are few barriers stopping Brazilians from eating candy

Brazilians are ardent sugar confectionery and gum users More than eight in 10 Brazilian adults aged 16+ have eaten candy or gum in the six months leading up to May 2016, according to Sugar and Gum...

Product Innovation 2017: Juice & Juice Drinks

Juice can leverage heightened interest in healthy drinks in Brazil Health is becoming more influential when Brazilian consumers are choosing beverages. One-third of Brazilians report buying more...