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The Brazilian food industry in numbers

05/06/2019 Market News
Expectations for 2019 There are growing prospects for entrepreneurship in Brazil due to social security and tax reforms. With that, there’s increasing hope for the country’s economic sectors to...
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Meet the exhibitors: ICL Food Specialties

ABOUT THE COMPANY Could you please give us an overview of your company, what your specialisms are, and where your key geographical markets lie? ICL Food Specialties is a Global leader in providing...
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What ingredients should you be sourcing from South America?

Health continues to be a key market driver across the region and the rest of the world, but which specific ingredient markets show the most potential for growth in South America, and what are some of...

Burgers go premium in Brazil

“Restaurants slinging premium, meat-focused burgers have popped up in Brazil, changing consumers' expectations for what a burger should be.” Brazilian burgers have become gourmet Burgers have long...
Peanut butter ingredients

Peanut butter has potential to expand in Brazil

“Peanut butter can move from a super-sweet spread to become a natural, plant-based protein source that can appeal to health-oriented Brazilians.” Peanut butter can evolve in Brazil Peanut butter in...
Strategy for South America food market entry

Getting your strategy right

To successfully penetrate South America, food ingredient suppliers must be aware of some key import issues. Eugenia Muinelo, Regulatory Affairs Manager at EAS Strategies, highlights some of the most...
Healthy Alternatives

South America’s health-conscious consumers drive demand for healthy alternatives

Market drivers in South America such as increasing urbanisation, affluence and health-consciousness are opening up the market for natural and healthy ingredients. Moreover, with forward-thinking...
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South America’s food ingredients market is open for business

The South American continent is home to a population of 430 million and offers vast opportunities for food ingredient suppliers. The region’s increasingly affluent and informed consumers are driving...
Cereals at Fi South America

Hot cereals present a range of regional opportunities

“Innovation opportunities in the hot cereal market include the option to introduce a range of local and regional grains, replacing the typical oat base.” Flavors in North America Did you know that 93...

Healthy and Ethical Living Megatrends Boost Fresh Produce Consumption

Healthier products are on the rise. The thriving development of plant-based proteins such as walnuts and chestnuts has contributed to an impressive 4% growth in the volume of global sales of fresh...

Carb Concerns Threaten Pasta in Brazil

Pull Quote: " Growing wariness around carbohydrate intake in Brazil requires pasta manufacturers to invest in better-for-you innovations to improve products' nutritional profile.” Brazilians are carb...

Back to Nature and No to Sugar

Euromonitor International has published a new report, 8 Food Trends, outlining eight megatrends in packaged foods that will be most influential in 2018. These megatrends, which share common...