Innovation Tours

Join a guided tour: optimise your time at Fi South America

To maximize the experience in the event, visitors will be able to participate in a tour, a guided tour by an industry professional who will present the news of all exhibitors interested in the action. 

In this edition, the Tour will focus on the theme " Food Culture and Digital World - how to decipher the history, trends and influencers of today " and will highlight the relationship with the solutions presented on the show floor and the needs of the participating visitors. 

Fi South America - Innovation Tours

Fi South America - Guided Tours

How it works

The tour is intended for visitors to the fair and will be divided into two stages, starting at the seminar theatre, the warm-up will show the market trends pointed out by the main research institutes, in a creative and dynamic way, always with a focus on the Brazilian consumer, followed by the visit where a group of about 25 people will be taken to the booths of the exhibitors CP Kelco, Döhler, DuPont, Gelita, GNT, HL Caps, Mane, Nexira, Rousselot and Tovani.


 The Innovation Tour is carried out in partnership with Equilibrium Consultoria .