CN China
Stand No: 2-58

A.H.A International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called A.H.A ) is a much active and reliable worldwide ingredients distributor and your Chinese supply chain management service provider specializing in the Food, Beverage and Nutritional Industries. With more than 28 years professional experiences in sourcing and marketing, it has been engaged in promoting qualified products to our worldwide clients under GMP, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO, HALLA and other certified process control systems. Product: Additives, Aminacids, Antioxidants, Bakery products, Emulsifiers, Flavours & aromas, GM free products, Preservatives, Soya products, Starches, Sugars, Sweeteners, Vegetable products, Vitamins & minerals, Yeast

US United States
Stand No: 9-51

Founded in 1938, Agropur is a top 20 global dairy producer with sales of $6.7 billion in 2018. Agropur US Operations boast eight ingredients-focused, SQF Certified plants located throughout Midwest with international support in Canada, Mexico, Switzerland, China, Netherlands and Singapore. Due in part to being North America's largest producer of whey protein and a quality-focused contract manufacturer, Agropur Ingredients is behind some of the most prominent food, beverage and nutrition brands in the industry providing future-forward solutions for cost performance, texture improvement, shelf-life stability and nutrition enhancement. “Better Dairy. Better World.”  www.agropuringredients.com our parent company www.agropur.com

CN China
Stand No: 4-80

Established in 1993, AIPU Food Industry Co Ltd is a leading food ingredient manufacturer in China. Our main products are caramel color, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, soy sauce powder, disodium succinate and ethyl maltol. In AIPU FOOD, we value the importance of food safety and guarantee our customers stable and premium quality. We export to over 70 countries and are partner of many famous multinational food companies. Certified Kosher, Halal, HACCP, ISO22000 and BRC.

NO Norway
Stand No: 8-56

Aker BioMarine is a sustainable biotech company and supplier of Superba Krill Oil. 100% pure krill with unique phospholipid EPA and DHA Omega-3s and the naturally occurring antioxidant astaxanthin, Superba Krill has clinically proven efficiency. Superba Krill has no fishy aftertaste, is easy to digest, and easily absorbed into the body's cells. Aker is the only krill fishery to earn MSC Certification for sustainable harvesting and only Superba Krill products have 100% traceability from sea to shelf. http://www.akerbiomarine.com http://www.superbakrill.com

BR Brazil
Stand No: 6-62

Aksell is a manufacturer of inorganic and hybrids salts for over 14 years. Located in Indaiatuba (25 km from Campinas and 95 km from Sao Paulo), one of the best points of logistics in Brazil, Aksell has expertise in the production of high purity salts, meeting the specifications of each customer and the international quality standards.

EG Egypt
Stand No: 8-86

BBCA Group is a large-scale biochemistry manufacturer. It can produce many kinds of products including organic acid and its salts, ester, starch sugar, modified starch, alcohol and fuel ethanol, yeast and yeast further processing, and amino acid, having provided a great deal of qualified raw materials for food, pharmacy and detergent industries. Among all its products, the leading product, citric acid and its salts, has the largest production scale and capacity in the world.

CN China
Stand No: 2-59

Anhui Jinghe Industry Co Ltd is mainly dedicated to the production and R&D of fine chemical products and basic chemical products. The company mainly produces Acesulfame-K, Maltol, Ethyl Maltol and MCP in fine chemicals. The basic chemical products mainly includes liquid Ammonia, Nitric acid, Sulfuric acid, Formaldehyde, Melamine, Pentaerythritol, Diketene, Neopentyl Glycol, pharmaceutical intermediates and so on. In the field of fine chemicals, the company is the largest producer for Maltol, Ethyl Maltol and Acesulfame-K in the world.

The company mainly deals with exporting and processes trading of light industrial products, arts and crafts, medicines and health products, foodstuff, chemicals, machinery and electronic products, such as boats and ships, green energy products, vehicles and construction machinery, vehicle accessories and components, enamelware, lamps, home appliances, hardware and tools, bicycles and parts, electronic and IT products, ceramics, glassware, footwear and headwear, candles, bags and suitcases, garments, textiles, working protective goods, furniture, toys, gifts, office appliance and stationery, kitchen utensils, paper and paper products, camping and outdoor goods, sports goods, households, sanitary ware and so on . The markets spread to over more than 160 countries and regions.

ALIC has many famous brands including LILY, CAREFREE, HOLIDAY, FLYING CRANE and HAPPINESS. All are well known and accepted by more than 2000 foreign customers all over the world. Moreover, three of them, LILY, HOLIDAY and CAREFREE, are not only famous trademarks in Anhui province, but also brands especially supported and developed by China Ministry of Commerce.

CN China
Stand No: 8-68

Anqing Zhongchuang Engineering Co Ltd was found in 1996, and it professionally engages in producing high-end lecithin products,researching and developing full sets of lecithin engineering-design, facilities production and installation testing. The company endeavors to provide high-quality lecithin products and lecithin production lines, and it makes technology exchange with universities in Shanghai and Zhengzhou carrying out research on how to expand high-quality lecithin's application field and improve its use effects.etc.

BR Brazil
Stand No: 11-43

AQIA, an industry with more than 30 years in the market of chemical specialties, presents to the market of food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical, innovative proposals to  meet the diverse nutritional needs of the organism.

NO Norway
Stand No: 5-30
CN China
Stand No: 3-45

Baolingbao Biology Co Ltd, a leading manufacturer of corn based health and food ingredients. Baolingbao has been using innovative technology to transform maize and sugar into value-added ingredients for customers in the food, dairy, beverage, pharmaceutical animal feed and cosmetics.
Baolingbao was established in 1997 and listed in  Chinese stock market in 2009. The initial product is IMO (Isomaltooligosacchrides) which is a good prebiotic. Over the years, many new type products have been developed such like Erythritol, High Fructose Syrup, Polydextrose, FOS, GOS,etc. Today, Baolingbao produces a wide range of products for  the fields of foods and beverage, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, etc. Always striving for higher quality, Baolingbao's products are well accepted by the customers.
“Work for your profit, Care for your health” is Baolingbao's mission. Baolingbao is trying the best to learn cutting-edge technology, and then it adds the value to the products by the technology. That meets the wishes of cultivators. At the same time, Baolingbao provides the health products to the society.

BR Brazil
Stand No: 9-30

  We are a new business unit at BRF, one of the largest food companies in the world and leader in Animal Protein exports. We aim to bring innovation in products focused in:

  • Health and Well-being
  • Animal Nutrition
  • Plant Nutrition (Under development)
  • Food Ingredients 
We are commit to the same level of care and international standard of quality in our products due to integrated productive chain and transparent procedures. We continuously seek, through our pillars of sustainability, quality, innovation and collaboration to bring ingredients that are reference in B2B market.   We work with fresh raw materials, prioritizing the high level of quality in our product delivery. Our mission is improving quality of life worldwide by providing innovative and natural ingredients solutions and technologies.

Capsugel is a global leader in delivering high-quality, innovative dosage forms and solutions to healthcare companies around the world. Capsugel can meet your global needs for empty hard capsules, liquid-filled commercial products, and a wide variety of other dosage form solutions, no matter where you are in the world - providing you peace of mind that our products and services will be there when you need them.

BR Brazil
Stand No: 3-33
CN China
Stand No: 8-73

Chengzhi Life Science Ltd is the wholly owned subsidiary of Chengzhi Shareholding Co Ltd of Tsinghua Holdings Co Ltd in the field of new biological technology, high technology of life and health. It mainly produces a series of new functional products by means of fermentation such as D-ribose which has formed a strong brand in the international market.

Chongqing Lihong Fine Chemicals Co., Ltd was established in October of 2001, it is a Hi-Tech enterprise specialized in researching, manufacturing, selling and service of Sodium Carboxymethyl Cellulose (CMC) and Polyanionic Cellulose(PAC).  The annual production capacity is 62,000MT. We are Asia's leading manufacturer of CMC (Carboxymethyl Cellulose) and PAC (Poly Anionic Cellulose). Our products can be widely used in food, toothpaste, oil drilling, ceramics, mining, paper making, and other industries. We have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, FSSC22000, BRC, OHSAS18001, halal, kosher and API certificates.

COFCO Biochemical (AnHui) Co Ltd, is one of the leading agricultural product processing enterprises in China. Our product range includes citric acid and its salts, amino acids, fuel ethanol, ethylene oxide, l-lactic acid, edible oil, feed, etc

CN China
Stand No: 5-107
CN China
Stand No: 2-77

Deosen was known as the leading premium Xanthan gum manufacturer for more than 20 years. Products cover pharmaceutical grade, food grade and pet food grade, and we have also developed special grade products like rapid dispersible, low dust and transparent products. Deosen is not only a manufacturer, but also a solution provider. Share your thoughts and Deosen will become your strategy partner to create success.

BR Brazil
Stand No: 4-40

Döhler is one of the world's leading producers, marketers and suppliers of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry.

IN India
Stand No: 9-69

EBPL is one of leading manufacturer of Food ,Pharma,Nutraceutical & Food processing enzymes and its allied formulations. We are Indian FDA, FSSAI, GMP, ISO, Kosher, Halal Certification and facility based in Gujarat .

Serving pure enzymes and its formulations for human health care, animal health care, and other industries includes Sugar,Distillery ,Brewery, Malt ,Dairy ,Meat, Textile ,Leather ,Detergent,agro waste industry.>

FR France
Stand No: 6-62

FIT has been your dairy raw partner since 1990 !

FIT is a French company specialized in dairy ingredients. We distribute dairy products for agri-food industry processors. In this B to B activity, we supply professionals in the food industry with: butter, milk powders, whey and lactose, milk proteins, whey proteins, fresh produce, cheeses, fat filled... All the dairy raw materials used in these applications: bakery, viennese pastry, pastries, biscuits, confectionary, chocolate, dairy products, infant nutrition, sport nutrition, meats, soups, sauces, ready dishes cooked...
We distribute all over the world. We work with more than 50 countries around the world. We have a national and international presence. We have a subsidiary in China (Shanghai) called BI LEI. We are also present in Uruguay (Montevideo) through our office. The head office is in France (Rennes, Brittany). 

Since 1990, thanks to the commitment and care of its team dedicated to the interests of its partners, this expert human and logistical network has allowed and continues to allow it to wholly integrate the requirements of the dairy market. 

Key figures: 

- 50 staff members working to serve your needs
- Sales: A turnover of €268 million in 2018
- Volume of distributed products: 94 642 t in 2018
- 2 offices abroad: BI LEI in Shanghai (China) the FIT's subsidiary and an office in Montevideo (Uruguay)
- Leading with the best dairy partners: a competitive and selected sourcing
- An international network
- A dairy market expertise since 1990
- 30 years anniversary
- One of the French leaders in butter as an ingredient 
- FIT operates in 51 countries
- 3 certificates: IFS Broker, AEO, ECOCERT

MY Malaysia
Stand No: 7-88

FKFF (M) Sdn Bhd is serving the industrial ingredients markets for the past 19 years. We provide healthier alternative for food and beverages manufacturers for caramelised sugar (natural brown colours), natural flavours, natural fruits and vegetable powders. Via our experienced Indonesia's Agent – PT Macrochema Pratama, we are providing seamless services and technical supports to the ever-growing demands of natural ingredients and clean-label products in the Indonesian market. 


FOODCHEM is a Chinese leading company in sales, marketing and distribution of innovative and standard food additives and ingredients. With over 200 products and world-class supplier base, FOODCHEM offers one-stop-shop solutions to more than 1,000 customers in global food& beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, animal nutrition and chemical industry which covers 120 countries and regions in the world.
FOODCHEM mainly focus on top quality products and excellent supply chain management, we are very strong and active in Vitamins, Thickeners, Proteins, Acidulants, Preservatives, Antioxidants, Sweeteners, Phosphates, Flavorings & Aromas, Plant Extracts, Amino Acids, Colorants, Emulsifiers, Nutritional Supplements.
We look forward to the opportunity to discuss how FOODCHEM can become a partner in your supply chain solution.
We are confident that our ingredients will bring you success!


CN China
Stand No: 1-63

Fooding Group Limited is a global provider of food additives and ingredients specializing in serving the demand for raw materials needed for finished food products. Our clients trust us to provide quality ingredients every single time. Combined with strict manufacturing processes, top-notch R&D and a disciplined trading platform, Fooding Group Limited continues to build upon our experience while looking out into the future.

Our products including the following hot food additives:thickners, sweetners, preservatives, acidulants, food supplements, proteins & quality improvers.

CN China
Stand No: 3-53
Fufeng Group Limited is an internationalized bio-fermentation products manufacturer which is listed as a public company on the Main Board of HKEx. The products including L-Valine, L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Glutamine, Hyaluronic acid, Gellan Gum, DHA, ARA, Coenzyme Q10, Transparent Xanthan Gum, Polyglutamic acid, L-Arginine, L-Tryptophan, MSG, Xanthan Gum. Fufeng Group is trying to develop Xinjiang Fufeng Biotechnologies Co., Ltd. as a world leading high-end amino acids production base.

Fujian Global Ocean Biotechnology Co Ltd is a global well-known Chinese agar and carrageenan manufacturer. With the largest agar and carrageenan factory facing to the international market (its scale is the largest one in Fujian province), the company has the capacity of producing 3000 tons agar and carrageenan annually. Where the products quality meets EU standards and the products are well sold throughout China, and are even exported to Europe, Southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Through the course of their history, with strong committment towards the development of the pharmaceutical market, Galena converted into the first reliable, major raw-materials distributor to the pharmaceutical, food and veterinary segment, providing high-quality materials and services throughout the large national territory. Today, Galena is very proud of their steady and long lasting success.

Gansu Dunhuang Seed Fruit & Vegetable Products Co Ltd is located in High-tech Industry Park, Jiuquan ,Gansu, covering an area of 49332.84 square meters. The total building area is 10550 square meters.

Our main business is production and sales of tomato powder and we now have a production line which could annually produce 3000 tons of tomato powder. This production line takes premium tomato paste from Xinjiang and Gansu as raw material. Our company and product has been certifed by Kosher,HACCP,ISO9001 and ISO14001.Meanwhile,it is perfect condiment for home and abroad customers, and is mainly exported to North America, Europe, the Middle East and Southeast Asia. The market prospect and potential revaluation make this tomato powder most popular in the world.

BR Brazil
Stand No: 3-40

GELITA – the world's leading supplier of collagen proteins for the food, health & nutrition and pharmaceutical industries and for numerous technical applications.

GELITA is the leading company for manufacturing and marketing collagen proteins.

BR Brazil
Stand No: 7-81

We manufacture High Sugar and Low sugar instant yeast, supplying the package sizes pf: 500g, 400g, 100g, 12g in the vacuum Aluminium foil. Our annual capacity is 10,000 tons. We have ISO 9001, ISO 22000, HACCP, HALAL, OU-KOSHER certificate, and our products have always been highly marketable in many countries.


As a third-party online platform specialized in the chemical industry, OKCHEM is dedicated to providing you the best procurement solutions with quality products and the latest industrial news.You can get real-time quotations for the chemicals, and access to financial services at low costs to help you close transactions, saving your cost and time.

CN China
Stand No: 9-70

YOKOBIO (Hebei Yoko Biotech Co., Ltd.) is a biotechnological company focused on the healthy food industry, specialized in manufacturing food enzymes and natural food additives and supplying to global market. The highly qualified professional team integrated with R&D, manufacturing and marketing carried out a constant improvement in dedicating our products of superior quality to healthier lifestyle. Enzymes by YOKOBIO have been widely used in modern food industry. Microbial rennet is produced by biotechnological fermentation with Rhizomucor miehei. As a milk-clotting enzyme, it performs as natural rennet and increases efficiency in industrial cheese production. Due to its vegetable origin and absent of any animal content, there is no religious objection to the product and not any Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) in its production.  YOKOBIO has ISO9001, HACCP, QS, KOSHER, HALAL, and FDA registration certifications. 


Henan Jindan Lacitc Acid Technology Co Ltd is one of the global leaders in producing lactic acid and lactate, and is a national high-tech enterprise, a key enterprise in Henan Province and circular economy pilot enterprise. Jindan has owned a power plant.

Established in 1984, Jindan focuses on producing lactic acid and its derivatives, with an annual output of 120000MT lactic acid and lactates, it is China's biggest lactic acid exported base. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

We have ISO, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL Management System Certification approval and were the first lactic acid Technology Research Center in China.Our laboratory had been certified by CNASChina Standards drafting unit of lactic acid. Jindan Lactic acid, the china well-known trademark.

Zhengtong Chemical (Henan, China) Co Ltd (ZTCC), has specialized in the manufacture, research, development, marketing and distribution of emulsifier products for many years. We are the professional manufacturer of emulsifiers which is certificated as the High-Technology-Enterprise in China. We can offer a wide range of emulsifier products with high product quality.

We have ISO9001:2000 certification and the HACCP certification for ensuring the quality of products. All of our products are Halal and Kosher compatible types.

IN India
Stand No: 8-97
CN China
Stand No: 2-51
BR Brazil
Stand No: 6-70

ICL, a global manufacturer of products based on unique minerals, fulfils humanity's essential needs, primarily in three markets: agriculture, food and engineered materials. We offer customized ingredients to the food and beverage industry to meet ever-changing consumer demand. Bakery - our full line of leavening acids allows tailored bakery solutions for any baking application Beverage - our functional phosphates provide solutions for many beverage applications Dairy - our specialties provide critical functionality in dairy products enhancing appearance, eating quality and shelf life Meat, Poultry, and Seafood - the versatile functionality of our products provide enhanced quality for all types of meat, poultry and seafood products Nutrition - a robust line of phosphate solutions to enhance nutrition Pet Food and Animal Feed - our phosphates supplement nutrition and improve palatability in both pet food and animal feed Potato and Produce - ICL ingredients enhance potato and other produce applications

BR Brazil
Stand No: 5-71

Indústria Química Anastácio S/A mainly engages in the wholesale distribution of chemicals for beauty and health, animal and human nutrition, and industrial processing markets. The company was founded in 1941 and is based in São Paulo, Brazil.

Ingredion Incorporated is a leading global ingredient solutions provider to the food, beverage, brewing and pharmaceutical industries as well as numerous industrial sectors. We specialise in nature-based highly functional starches, nutritional ingredients and high quality sweeteners and other ingredients. The company works in close collaboration with its customers – whether it's creating a delicious new product with unique nutritional benefits or extending a line with reduced fat, calories or sugar – Ingredion does all this without compromising on taste and texture.

IN India
Stand No: 7-75

Ishaan Bio Private Limited is an Indian biotech company engaged in manufacturing, supplying and research of various Bio-Products. Our diversified product portfolio includes Bio-catalysts, Enzymes, Cultures & Microbes based systems, Probiotics, Protein Concentrates & Isolate, Protein Hydrolysates, Peptides, Bio-Chemicals, Starches, Syrups and Sweeteners. We use our proprietary technology on Bio-synthesis and Chemical synthesis to make our products in the state-of-the-art ISO certified manufacturing facilities, with R&D and Quality Labs. Our market presence is extended into 20 countries and we cater to a versatile end-use applications in industries like Food, Beverage, Health & Nutrition, Personal Care, Textile, Leather Paper, Animal feed and Agriculture.

GT Guatemala
Stand No: 4-62

  • Our company  have 20 years experience of professional production of Sodium Alginate. Annual production of Sodium Alginate is 6000 tons, the food grade sodium alginate is 3000 tons ,and the textile grade sodium alginate is 3000 tons.Our company covers 50000 square meters and has more than 300 employees.
  • The company has a strong technical force and strict quality control,and our product quality is very stable and reliable. More than 90 percent of the products are exported to Europe,America and Southeast Asia. At present our company passed the international and national certifications in total including ISO9001, ISO2200, KOSHER , HALAL , BRC.
  • We will always take customers' demand as our goal and welcome to visit our company to create a splendid future.

Jiangsu Kolod Food Ingredients Co Ltd is a medium-scale private enterprise, mainly focused on manufacturing food additives such as Potassium Phosphates, Sodium Phosphates, Calcium Phosphates, Magnesium Phosphates, Acetates, Citrates and mineral elements--Iron, Zinc, Magnesium, Manganese, Copper and etc.

CN China
Stand No: 10-62

Jiangsu Mupro IFT Corp, established in November 2004, is a company that aims to develop and produce high-end, safe and healthy, Natural or natural food ingredients. The main products are calcium propionate, potassium sorbate, potassium citrate and so on.

The company has passed international certification such as BRC, FSSC, KOSHER, HALAL and FARMIQS, and is committed to creating an international brand of health food ingredients industry!

Jiangsu Wecare Biotechnology Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise that concentrates on the research, development, production and application of probiotics and its derivatives. The company aims to provide special beneficial microorganism strains (powder), derivatives and ODM/OEM turnkey solutions for food, pharmaceuticals, food supplement, agriculture, personal care, ecological environmental protection and other fields. The company has abundant strength of research and developm
GB United Kingdom
Stand No: 8-58
MX Mexico
Stand No: 6-90

Jungbunzlauer manufactures citric acid, gluconates, lactics, special salts, specialties, sweeteners and xanthan gum for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cleaners and detergents and cosmetic industry as well as for various other industrial applications. Our natural ingredients contribute to healthier, safer, more sustainable and, last but not least, tastier consumer products. 

As exclusive representatives of Albion Minerals in Brazil, we have added our experience, experienced in more than 20 years in the Brazilian market, to the structure, leadership and innovation of Albion to offer the most advanced technology in mineral nutrition in the world.

TR Turkey
Stand No: 3-76

Kutas/Safe Spice is a market leader in introducing quality standards for laurel leaves, oregano, thyme, sage, rosemary, savory, cumin, coriander and aniseed. Kutas' facilities comprise the latest technology to supply finished products with full guarantees being certified with FSSC-22000, ISO, JAS/EU/NOP, Rainforest Alliance and Sedex. Kutas has in-house pesticide labs that are accredited by international organisations. Kutas emphasises sourcing, cultivation, processing, 5-log salmonella reduction validated sterilisation, warehousing and distribution, providing full sustainability and traceability.

Labonathus is a Brazilian company that has been operating in the market since 1998, The company represents and distributes products from several international producers and is recognized for its vast experience in the food ingredients, pharmaceutical industry, personal care, animal feed and bioindustry sectors. Constantly improving its portfolio, always focusing on innovation, Labonathus provides products of quality and guaranteed origin. Due to to these precepts and working in an integrated way to its international partners, its highly qualified team is always prepared to attend at the national level, offering to the industries innovative solutions of high quality and a technical and commercial structure focused on the development of new products and services, with local stock and specialized technical support, being present in the most important companies in the different segments in which it operates, meeting its expectations and technical standards.