The Brazilian food industry in numbers

Expectations for 2019

There are growing prospects for entrepreneurship in Brazil due to social security and tax reforms. With that, there’s increasing hope for the country’s economic sectors to thrive once again.

The Brazilian food industry is expected to witness a 2.5 - 3% increase in physical production (volume), a 3 - 4% increase in actual sales, and nearly US$ 40 billion in exports. As a result, job availability is also expected to increase between 2 - 3%.

The Brazilian food industry in numbers

  • It offers the largest number of jobs in Brazil. Comprising 35,700 companies, it generates 1.61 million direct jobs and 26.8% of jobs in the manufacturing industry.
  • It invests nearly 3% of its annual turnover in research and development, new fabrics, new products and marketing.
  • It accounts for 50% of agribusiness exports in terms of processed food and 18% of total Brazilian exports.

Source: ABIA - Brazilian Food Industry Association

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