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Enhance your visibility and reach targeted audiences—relevant visitors to our websites or organiser-verified attendees of Fi Europe and Vitafoods Europe—through display banners, LinkedIn ads or InStream videos as they browse the web. You can segment this targeted audience further based on their job function and nature of business or region*.

Your Ads, Our Data. A Success Story in the making!

Reach organiser-verified attendees of our events online

Get access to 2,120,000 unique annual website visitors

Advanced segmentation options available

Multiple formats and digital channels








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What happened to Retargeting?

With millions of impressions delivered in the past year alone, our customers’ most preferred product, Retargeting, has now reached new heights. Unlock targeted, precision-driven advertising with our new Targeted Ads and reach engaged ingredient buyers and relevant event attendees through LinkedIn or as they make their way around the web. 

Retargeting is not gone. It has simply been upgraded to be more targeted than ever.

Targeted Ads are the way forward!



*Consult our team for a customised quote on region-based audience segmentation.


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