Use audience retargeting to create a consistent presence online among valuable food and nutrition ingredient buyers as they move around the web. This means your ads are shown on safe, recognised websites, mobile apps and platforms, visited by the Fi and Vitafoods online audience, such as,, and thousands of others – giving your brand visibility a huge boost.

Why Retargeting?

Reach a highly relevant audience

Get access to our 1,860,000 unique annual website visitors 

Possibility to extend the audience even further

Cost effective as the most relevant prospects are targeted

How does it work?

Ever look at a pair of shoes online, or a potential vacation spot, and then for the next couple of weeks you notice that ads for those same shoes or vacation spot seem to be following you around the internet? That’s ad retargeting. Retargeting uses cookies to track visitors of one website and then reach those same visitors with ads on other websites.

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Step 1

An internet user visits our website 


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Step 2

The user exits the website 


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Step 3

Your ad will be displayed on other websites the user visits

Quantifiable Results

Receive detailed reports that allow you to see your campaign results in real time, including impressions, clicks, and geographical locations of ads served.

What makes Retargeting

easy yet effective?

  • Send us a few banners and the URL of your landing page
  • Choose the audience most relevant to you from Food Ingredients or Vitafoods
  • Optional: Select the desired regions where you wish to display your banners
  • We will take care of the rest. You will only have to get involved again at the results stage. It's that simple.

Trusted by the Industry

Can I help?

Are you interested in learning more about Retargeting and how it can help you reach food and nutrition ingredient buyers, grow your existing audience, and cost-effectively target your most relevant prospects? Book a meeting with me, and we can go through your questions.