Visitor FAQ

Event Registration

Is my entrance to the event free of charge?

If you register prior to the show, your entrance is completely free of charge. Click here to make your reservation

How do I register for the event?

Click here to complete your registration

Are there age restrictions for children visiting the event?

Children under 16 can visit the event with their parents


Will there be a cloakroom facility at the show?
Yes, we provide a cloakroom facility at the registration area.
Is there wireless internet available at the exhibition?

Yes, we provide wireless internet free of charge to public use, but for a stable/secure line, please visit the Online Exhibitor Services website

Are there catering facilities at the venue?
Yes, there are café's at the entrance of the venue and restaurant at the event level. Prior to the event you can email your catering orders via

Online Services

Is there an overview of all exhibitors of the event?

Please go to the exhibitor list to see who is participating at Fi Istanbul

Is there an online floorplan available for the event?

Please click here for the latest floorplan

Do you have an overview of what is happening before & during the show?

Please have a look at the Show Highlights for the latest show updates!

Travel & Stay

Where can I find information about visa application?

Please click here for information about your visa application

Is there an easy way to navigate to the venue?

Please click here to find all the information you need to know to reach the show

How do I reserve a hotel for the exhibition?

Have a look here at the map of recommended hotels in the area of ICC Istanbul.