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Expert Speaker Interview: Dr. Berat Nursal-Tosun, Nutrition & Health Manager, Unilever Turkey

Hear about the latest developments in sodium reduction across Turkey and the rest of Europe, and understand how to overcome challenges around reducing salt without losing flavour and functionality...

Expert Speaker Interview: Özden Kilic, Market Analysis Manager at Innova Market Insights

Consumer awareness and interest in clean & clear label is growing rapidly within Turkey. With NPD in Turkey increasingly focusing on organic, the region's next challenge is to move organic...

Expert Speaker Interview: Gokay Sen, Senior Regulatory Advisor, Leatherhead Food Research

Which regulations/ changes to regulations are going to have the biggest impact on the Turkish food industry in the coming year? Nutrient values will be more important than ever since they will now...

Expert Speaker Interview: Akan Abdula, Founder, FutureBright Research

"Confronted by (...) competition and the unpredictability of a market economy, Turkey’s food marketers need to seek a deeper understanding of the connection between their brands, products,...