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With a growing population, increased consumer spending and significant public sector investment, the MENA region's rapidly expanding food and beverage industry holds vast global and domestic business opportunity. Turkey is also a major agricultural producer with an increasingly positive trade balance, offering easy access to raw materials.

Spanning two continents of Europe and Asia, Turkey's geographical position makes this event a unique platform for global buyers and suppliers to meet with decision makers from the region. Attendees actively develop the food and beverage industry to meet changing consumer demands over three days and in one location.

Fi Istanbul about the event
Fi Istanbul

Food ingredients Istanbul

Launched in 2013, Fi Istanbul allows you to display your products to thousands of food professionals at once, and conduct business efficiently and effectively. 86% of exhibiting companies consider Fi Istanbul important to their business and describing it as ‘the must attend event for local, regional and international food professionals'.

Both regional and global food professionals use this opportunity to learn about the latest industry developments, meet new business prospects and launch products to gain competitor advantage in this booming food marketplace.


Fi Istanbul - Expo FoodTec

Expo FoodTec

The necessity for a one-stop shop for the food industry emerged as a clear trend among the Fi Istanbul global audience over recent editions. This increasing demand for solutions in processing, packaging, equipment and associated services has translated into significantly expanding the profile and represented offering at Fi Istanbul and led to the creation of Expo FoodTec.