The importance of food additives for enhancing the quality and value of products

Azelis Food & Health offers high quality food ingredients, effective auxiliary materials and a wide range of additives, to help create the taste, texture, performance and appearance you need for your food, health and nutritional products. The company offers a unique and extensive range of flavour, colour and performance ingredients, combined with specialised services to provide advanced solutions. 
At Azelis, we know how important it is for you to meet consumers' growing demand for foods with greater nutrition, taste and appeal. Azelis will help you anticipate market needs and enhance the quality and value of your products.
Azelis represents leading global manufacturers, bringing the highest quality products to market globally. Our technical teams can provide you with a range of value-added services including leading-edge development kitchens, dedicated industry expertise, laboratory facilities and marketing insights. 
Count on an international team with unparalleled experience, expertise and technical knowledge, strengthened by a reliable supply chain around the world.
Food products encompass:

•    Basic Food Ingredients
•    Bakery
•    Beverages
•    Confectionery
•    Dairy & Desserts
•    Health & Sports Nutrition
•    Meat & Fish
•    Health Food Ingredients
•    Convenience Food
•    Smoke Ingredients
Azelis is a leading distributor of speciality raw materials across EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas. We provide a diverse range of innovative products and value-added services to more than 27,000 customers, serving both Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. With over 3,000 formulations and an extensive network of laboratories and research centres, our global focus is built upon a regional approach to creating formations that meet specific local demands.


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