Chef Solutions: GLOFRY - T202

NAMOSRI VENTURES PVT. LTD. introduces the Chef Solutions GLOFRY - T202

Super Antioxidant for Frying oil!

“Anti-oxidant’ means a substance which when added to food retards or prevents oxidative deterioration of food and does not include sugar, cereal, oils, flours, herbs and spices.” – FSSAI

Vegetable oils have a natural antioxidant present called Tocopherol, but it is insufficient for oxidative stability. Even if external Tocopherol is added to the vegetable oil it does not increase the stability hence a synthetic antioxidant is required. TBHQ is an antioxidant and it keeps fats from going rancid, so you see it in a lot of foods needed to have a long shelf life.

GLOFRY Oil Enhancer - T202 is specially formulated liquid antioxidant using TBHQ! GLOFRY T202 is used to improve the frying life of vegetable frying oils and is widely used in frying of chips, snacks, corn based products, battered products (vegetable, meat and seafood), flour based products, etc. in Snacks industry, HORECA services and food stalls.

Why use GLOFRY Oil Enhancer T202?
GLOFRY T202 performance surpasses other antioxidants with lower dosage and simplified addition process, hence increased compliance and cost savings!

  • 100% food grade functional product made from fine specialty emulsifier suitable for frying performance
  • 35% Increase in oil frying time. Higher Stability Index suitable for frying performance. Slowed down rate of Rancidity, FFA, PV.
  • Designed & formulated to enhance stability of fried product. Increase in fried product Shelf Life by 40%. Reduction in Oil Absorption by 5%.
  • No wastage, conserve cost, time and energy! Glofry is easier to use compared to TBHQ powder as its liquid form eliminates the need of heat TBHQ, to dissolve in the oil. Short circulation time and good dispersion compared to TBHQ powder
  • FSSAI Guidelines compliance: As TBHQ is below 200ppm in the GLOFRY liquid; rest assured you will always be on the right side of the law!
  • Manufactured in accordance to international food additive processing GMP in a ISO 9001/2015 accredited facility under stringent HACCP procedure. GLOFRY T202 also meets the specification laid down by the FAO/WHO.

Use of Antioxidants & does GLOFRY meet FSSAI guidelines?

As per FSSAI Guidelines, Antioxidants are permitted to be added to Edible oils and fats except ghee and butter. The permitted limit for the same is 0.02% in case of TBHQ or 200ppm. GLOFRY application is 400ppm dosage; the TBHQ and antifoam content is not exceeding 200 ppm hence complying with FSSAI guidelines.