Live Demonstrations

2-day bakery workshops by AIBTM

Last year Fi India & Hi hosted a two-day Free Live Demonstration in partnership with Celebrity Chef Rakhee Vaswani including Indian fusion appetizers and desserts which are very easy to replicate and pretty fancy to present.

This year the workshops on Day 1 & Day 2 will be conducted by Assocom Institute of Bakery Technology & Management (AIBTM) using exhibitor’s ingredients and showcasing it to everyone.

How to create the perfect cookie?
The cookie improver workshop explains how to improve the quality and characteristics of cookies.


Workshop on alternatives
Workshop on alternatives to dairy fat, cholesterol free, more economical than the dairy fats but without altering the original quality of the end product.

Fi India Live Demonstration Bread

Fancy Bread Making 
A bread making workshop will be conducted by chef Vinita Hura and Dr. Ankit Dayal. They will be demonstrating an array of breads that can be baked with ease and precision of technique and measurements.

Live Quality Lab

Testing of food to instil confidence amongst consumers that food is safe to eat is an important part of the food safety ecosystem.

While, Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) is working towards having more food testing labs both in the public as well as private sector, Fi India in partnership with Association of Food Scientist & Technologist of India (AFSTI) is proud to announce; “Live Quality Labs” - a unique concept designed on Fi India show floor that will include live demonstrations on range of simple Adulteration Test Protocols, to Microbial Pathogen Testing, GMO testing in Food and Water.

Live Quality Lab
Food Safety Wheels

Food Safety on Wheels by FSSAI

Further FSSAI will also station their mobile units for food testing called “Food Safety on Wheels”. Apart from conducting simple tests for common adulterants in milk, water, edible oil and other items of food of daily consumption, these mobile units would also be used for awareness building around food safety, hygiene and promoting healthy eating habits in citizens at large and for conducting training and certification programme for food handlers and supervisors in food businesses, particularly petty food businesses.