Justification Kit

Make a Case. Get to Fi India. Prepare to Innovate.

You’re sold on the benefits of Food ingredients India, but have you managed to convince your employer? We all understand the importance of professional development, but this often requires investing your time and money. Your boss deserves to know that your expense report will be supporting a worthy cause — that you’re investing in yourself to gain valuable experience. Being the first to know of cutting-edge innovations and networking with industry experts will not only have a positive impact on yourself, but on your entire business.

If you’re struggling to make your case to management, we’re here to help. Use these tools to convince your boss that Fi India is a worthy investment with exponential returns. 

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Download the justification letter and gain access to:
1. A justification letter template
2. Exhibitor overview
3. Why attend
4. An expense worksheet

During the Event: Track Your Participation
Track the sessions you attend and exhibitors you meet, so you can report on them when you return to work.

After the Event: Create a Report 
Use this guide to create a report to update your manager on what you gained by attending Fi India.

Fi India - Justification kit