CN China
Stand No: 7.27

A.H.A International Co., Ltd. (hereinafter called A.H.A ) is a much active and reliable worldwide ingredients distributor and your Chinese supply chain management service provider specializing in the Food, Beverage and Nutritional Industries. With more than 28 years professional experiences in sourcing and marketing, it has been engaged in promoting qualified products to our worldwide clients under GMP, HACCP, KOSHER, ISO, HALLA and other certified process control systems. Product: Additives, Aminacids, Antioxidants, Bakery products, Emulsifiers, Flavours & aromas, GM free products, Preservatives, Soya products, Starches, Sugars, Sweeteners, Vegetable products, Vitamins & minerals, Yeast

IN India
Stand No: 3.91

Aarkay Food Products Ltd is India's leading manufacturer of Natural Food Ingredients with a diversified portfolio. Core to our expertise is low volume Spray Drying technology through which we manufacturer an assortment of products like Fruit & Vegetable Powders, Cheese & Dairy Powders, HVP Powders and other Specialty Ingredients. Aarkay also continues to be one of the leading manufacturers of Caramel Colours & Burnt Sugars in Liquid and Powder form. With more than 34 grades and large volumes, Aarkay is a pioneer in this category.

IN India
Stand No: 3.63


IN India
Stand No: 7.92
AMBE NS AGRO PRODUCTS PVT. LTD. (AN ISO , GMP, HALAL, FASSAI, SPICE FDA, HACCP, KOSHER,APEDA AND USFDA CERTIFIED COMPANY) is considered to be the most reliable and trusted manufacture, supplier and exporter of herbal powders/extracts , organic powders/extracts, nutraceuticals,pharmaceuticals,essential oils, health care products , foods&beverages , dietary supplements and cosmetic products.We also have finished herbal products and essential oils under our brand name " AMBE NATURAL'S ". Here at AMBE NS AGRO We firmly believe that quality is the life of our company and our customer's success is our success. Our key products are Garcinia cambogia(50-60%) , Coleus(10-20%),curcumin(95%), spirulina  powder,Green tea extract , Reserbine , Colchicine , Thiocolchicosides,Organic ashwagandha ,Organic shankhpushpi , Organic turmeric powder and many more...We have advanced extraction, isolation, purification, synthesis,fermentation equipment and technology with  rich production experience and strict quality control system, and we have built a perfect sale service system  ,products are exported to Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia Pacific and other parts of the world with the help of our qualified & experienced R&D/Technical team.
IN India
Stand No: 1.11

Ambe Phytoextracts Pvt ltd is Largest producer of Herbal Extract, Nutraceuticals Ingredients, Fruit powder, Vegetable powder, spice Oleoresin and Natural essentia oils. our key products are Astaxanthin, Beta-carotene, DHA, Lutein, Zeaxanthin, Amla extract, Bacopa, Boswellia, centella,Cissus extract, Curcumin extract,Capsacine, Calcium sennoside, Cinnamon, Fenugreek, Ginger extract, Garcinia Cambogia,Green coffee beans, Gymnema, Guggul extract, Grape seed extract, Mangosteen, Pomegranante extract, Piperine, Pine bark extract, Mucuna extract, Shilajit, safed musli, Capsicum Oleoresin, Paprika Oleoresin, Ginger oleoresin, black pepper oleoresin etc.. The manufacturing facility awarded GMP, KOSHER, HALAL & ISO 9001:2008 certification and our product confirm to kosher & Halal Standards

IN India
Stand No: 7.91

We are a team of experts in Food Technology, Business and Operations Planning, with the passion to achieve results for our clients. We connect global expertise and best practices with Indian Market scenarios. We want history to remember 2018, as the year when foundation of the world's most admired food ingredient company was laid.  We will be admired for innovation by food technologists, we will be admired for our ingredient sourcing abilities by commercial professionals, and we will be admired for our honesty by the customers we serve.

IN India
Stand No: 1.25

Drytech Processes (I) pvt ltd a company specializing in the art of spray drying is Asia's largest spray dried Gum Arabic manufacturer. It has a basket of various product categories such as Gum Arabic, fruit and vegetable powders, seasoning ingredients, milk proteins/caseinates, natural colorants, fat powders, beverage whitener, soluble dietary fibre, etc. We have multi-stage spray dryers with and annual capacity of 12000MT. Drytech has established speciality in spray drying 100% pure tomato powder and fat powders up to 85% fat loading. We are the best Co-partner for spray dryers and Co-packers of infant and clinical nutrition.

Henan Jindan Lacitc Acid Technology Co Ltd is one of the global leaders in producing lactic acid and lactate, and is a national high-tech enterprise, a key enterprise in Henan Province and circular economy pilot enterprise. Jindan has owned a power plant.

Established in 1984, Jindan focuses on producing lactic acid and its derivatives, with an annual output of 120000MT lactic acid and lactates, it is China's biggest lactic acid exported base. Products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

We have ISO, HACCP, KOSHER, HALAL Management System Certification approval and were the first lactic acid Technology Research Center in China.Our laboratory had been certified by CNASChina Standards drafting unit of lactic acid. Jindan Lactic acid, the china well-known trademark.

IN India
Stand No: 7.35

Herbal Creations is a leading herbal extracts and phyto chemicals manufacturers with a capacity of processing 15 ton of Raw herbs on daily basis.

We manufacture more than 800 consistent products in our company with incl. oil solubles and Liquid extracts PG base for cosmetic

IN India
Stand No: 3.95

Started in 1991, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt Ltd is a dedicated company offering innovative solutions for nutrition around the world. The company's reach is wide spread and its products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide, currently. It has 3 up and running, state of the art factories throughout India - Nasik, Chennai and Tuticorin. It has 3 segments: - Micronutrient Premixes that provides custom blends of vitamins and nutrients used in food products around the world, Clinical Nutrition Products that support and enhance the life of healthcare patients and consumers, Therapeutic Products that target those most needing the basics of quality nutrition in the world.

Hexagon Nutrition's expertise in the premix business extends to over 25 years in creating blends of vitamins and minerals for flour, beverages, dairy products, fats and oils, noodles, etc. The expert Product Development Team works with the clients to analyze the specifications and nutritional claims. The company also offers analytical testing and stability testing to ensure that the product has the nutrients it claims.

TR Turkey
Stand No: 7.67

The miracle candy of the world re-invented in 1998 (patented) by Semih Erden of Hleks in co-partnership with Ferhan Tezcan, two friends dating back to 1970s at college in Leeds, UK. Totally dedicated to popping candy and innovations, making all the world “pop-pop-pop” in 70 countries now, with own patents.

We Innovative Health Care India Private Limited an ISO 9001-2008 & ISO 22000 certified manufacturer of Food Flavors and enhancers was found initially with "a thought for food and a love for taste". Our Flavor enhancers are largely based on amino acids and are specifically derived from natural sources. The most common ones being produced are "Hydrolysed Vegetable Protein (HVP)" extracted from Soya / Rice, Soya Sauce Powder, Yeast Extracts, Chicken Extracts additives that are used to increase the protein content and act as a flavor enhancer for the seasoning of a wide variety of foods like soups, noodles, sauces, chips, Processed Meats etc. Our Nutracutical products includes Soya Protein Concentrates (60% Protein), Soya Protein Hydrolysate (65% Protein), Soya Protein Isolate (90% Protein), Soya Isoflovanes (40%) additives that are used to increase protein content in baby food, chocolate, women health, pet food formulations etc. Catering to an expanding client base across the globe such as Japan, Europe, U.S and South-East Asian countries and so, along with adequate availability of resources, we are endeavoured to ensure products and services of exuberant standards.

Jiangsu Guoxin Union Energy Co is a biotechnology and chemical company. It is a top supplier of citric acid, including Anhydrous, Monohydrate, Sodium Citrate. The company supplies also vital wheat gluten.

Main Products: Citric acid anhydrous, Citric acid monohydrate, Sodium citrate. 

IN India
Stand No: 5.24

Katra Phytochem (India) Pvt Ltd is a research driven Ethnobotanicals Company, since 1996, that produces IPR protected formulations and bioactives from natural sources by applying eco-friendly manufacturing processes, backed by World-class Research and adhering to international standards.

Our core products are:- Customizable Functional Carotenoids and other Specialty Ingredients. Pioneers in Lutein and Zeaxanthin combinations, Katra's flagship product, XanMax®, gives you the distinctive advantage to stand differentiated.

While many lutein patents have expired globally, Katra has the First time US Process Patent for 5:1 Lutein and Zeaxanthin XanMax® combinations granted recently in 2013. Our Process Patent also covers 10:1 & 1:1 combinations. Our Patents are valid up to 2030 warranting long term customer relationship. Our other branded product range includes LutEst® (Lutein esters), Zeaxanthin combinations and many others.

Our enduring zeal for developing innovative products and technologies has enabled us to create comprehensive solutions that constantly and consistently satisfy customer needs!

IN India
Stand No: 5.52

We are, Kowa Group one of the largest & most diversified Japanese group established in 1894 and have an experience of more than 100 years in manufacturing and trading business, actively engaged in various fields with major focuses on Chemicals, Food additives, textiles, machinery and construction materials, pharmaceutical products and optical devices.

We offer: Yeast Extract; Alginates; Maltitol / Sorbitol; Inositol; Glucomannan Powder; Bonito / Kelp / Mushroom Extract, Soy Sauce Extract; Xylitol; Sodium CMC; Phosphates; HVP.

IN India
Stand No: 3.13

Marine Hydrocolloids is the largest producer and exporter of Agar in India for the last 35 years suitable for Confectionary and Dairy Products Industries, Plant Tissue Culture, Dehydrated Culture Media, Microbiology, Pharmaceutical, DentalCastings etc. The Company's main business is in Agar Agar, apart from culture media ingredients. Agarose, Sodium Alginate, Carrageenan etc. The company has ISO 22000 - 2005, Halal, Kosher, HACCP Certifications and its products are exported to USA, UK, Europe, UAE, Middle-East and Africa. Asar Food Grade/ China Grass/Gulaman Bar Agar has been used for many centuries as a high performance gelling agent. lts ability to produce clear, colourless, odourless and natural gels clear cut without the support of other colloids has long been exploited by the food industry, not only as a stabilizer and gelling agent but also in the manufacture of confectionary, glazing and icing coatings, piping jellies and many other innovative products. Apart from its ability to jellify aqueous solutions and produce gels without the support of other agents. Agar Agar can also be used a safe source of dietary fibre since it is not digestible by the human body. Agar Agar food grade which is commonly known as China Grass or Gulaman Bar is used specially during the Ramazan season while breading the fast, as this given a very'good cooling effect on the body after the day-long fasting. This is used in making ice creams mixes and milk shakes also. Agar is used as a thickening agent in low calorie marmalade, jam, processed meat products, bakery fillings, icings, prepared soups, ice creams, etc. and as a gelation agent in doughnuts, low calorie marmalade, jam, jelly candy, fruit yoghurt, acidified creams, cheese, puddings, custard, flan, gelatin fruit desserts, processed meat product, bakery fillings, icings, whipped fruit pulp, etc.

IN India
Stand No: 5.102

Matrix Fine Sciences Pvt. Ltd. is a Nutraceutical Division of 50 year old manufacturing group and pioneer in India to manufacture Natural Vitamin E and Phytosterols in high concentrates. Our state of the art manufacturing facility, located at Aurangabad, Maharashtra is one of the largest Tocopherol extraction facilities and derives Natural Vitamin E and Phytosterols from 100% Non-GMO Sunflower, Soy and Rapeseed Oilseed source.

Today we are one of the largest manufacturers of Tocopherol, Phytosterols & its derivatives globally. Our Products includes -

  • Mixed Tocopherols (Oil & Powder) 50%, 70%, 90%
  • d-Alpha Tocopherol (Oil & Powder) 750IU, 900IU, 1000IU, 1200IU, 1300IU
  • d-Alpha Tocopheryl Succinate 1210IU
  • d-Alpha Tocopheryl Acetate 1360IU
  • Phytosterol Powder/ Granules 95%
  • Phytosterol Esters 97% 
  • Tocopheryl Polytethylene Glycol Succinate(TPGS)
Applications: Food Antioxidant, Nutritional & Functional Food Ingredient in Food and Nutraceutical sectors.

Our product & system certifications includes ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, 22000, FSSC 22000, FSSAI, Halal, Kosher, GMP, CERT ID Non-GMO, NOP & NPOP Organic, Ecocert Cosmos, DSIR Approved Lab & also Pre-Registered for REACH.

Contact Person: Mr. Anuj Kabra
Contact Number:  +91 7767066114/+91 7767812117 
Email: [email protected]           

PCAPL is a Reliable & Preferred global supplier of food ingredients, offering unique and customized value added services since last 51 years. PCAPL helps global brand to grow their business in Indian market very fast with help of effective distribution network and stock points at Bhiwandi, Ahmedabad, Baroda, Surat, Pipavav, Chennai, and Kolkata. Our R&D team capture the voice of customers, understand their specific requirement and provide customized solutions and the product basket based on the market knowledge of key nutritional benefits like “less fat,” “less sugar,” “less calories,” “added fiber,” “gluten-free” and dairy alternatives which helps our partner to understand futuristic trend, growing demand from life style and health focus consumers. PCAPL is the first digital distributor of food ingredients with customized import through worldwide network with help of techno commercial team to improve the Profitability of customer's business. It is Motto of PCAPL to supply of high quality ingredients from all over the world like Acetic Acid, Ascorbic Acid, Citric Acid, Phosphoric Acid, Acesulfame K, Aspartame, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Saccharine, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol PG, Xanthan gum, Guar Gum, Sodium bicarbonate for diversified applications such as Anti-caking agents, Antioxidant, Beverages, Binders, Emulsifiers, Flavor enhancers, Nutrients, Preservatives, Proteins, Stabilizers and Thickeners, Sweeteners, Texturizers, PH control agents and Acidulates, Beverages. Any time contact: [email protected] : +91 9998034403
IN India
Stand No: 7.41
Rafbrix Essentials is a manufacturer of Spice Extracts with Curcumin as its flagship product. The company's manufacturing facility, based in Uttarakhand, has an annual capacity of over 2000 MT of raw material.  Rafbrix Essentials is in the process of setting up a herbal extraction unit focusing on products such as Boswellia, Garcinia, Aswagandha, Gymnema.   The company displays its unwavering commitment towards quality with an in-house state of the art laboratory and ISO22000, KOSHER and HALAL certifications.   Staying true to its core philosophy of “PURE | PRISTINE | PRECISE”, the company is engaged in contract farming and farmer-education-program to ensure end-to-end quality control along with upliftment of the the local community.  Rafbrix Essentials is part of a 30-year-old group with its corporate office in New Delhi.
CA Canada
Stand No: 7.59

Ronald A Chisholm Limited (RAC) was established in 1938 and our head office is located in Toronto, Canada. We are today one of the leading global trading houses, specializing in agri-commodities and in particular dairy ingredients. We employ over 200+ people in 14 offices around the world and we are active in more than 60 countries. We do not work on commission but rather as principal partner in all our transactions. We perform all areas related to our trading like logistics, finance, insurance, documentation etc. in house from our head office based in Toronto. Our web site address is www.rachisholm.com.

We work closely with manufacturers in all global supply regions and we are able to offer all major dairy commodities specializing in Whey Proteins, Milk Proteins, Whey Powder, Whey derivatives like Lactose & Permeate. Our ability to source from all major supply regions ensures that our offers reflect the most competitive pricing at any given time of year and irrespective of weather patterns and seasonality.

CN China
Stand No: 3.83

RZBC GROUP was established in August 1993 and have been commiting to researching, developing, producing and service of citric acid and citrates. The main products are citric acid and its salts. RZBC has been specializing in the developments of Citric Acid and its series for a long time and enjoys a high reputation in citric acid line in China.

We have ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO22000, GMP, IP, BRC, HALAL, KOSHER, FAMI-QS, FDA, SA8000 certification and others,and have been the supplier of many famous end uers in the world. We are a leading company in the global citric acid field.

CN China
Stand No: 5.39

Shaanxi Jiahe Phytochem Co Ltd is a cGMP, ISO series, Kosher and Halal certified company, dedicated to the identification, development and manufacturing of botanical extracts and their derivatives. With strong R&D capabilities and advanced production technology, Jiahe continues to make innovations with herbal extracts that service the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.

IN India
Stand No: 3.17

Synthite Industries Limited focuses on the plant derived ingredients for flavor and fragrance sectors. The company was one of its kind in the country to venture into the oleoresins and essential oils business. Since its inception in 1972, in Kerala (India) sets the benchmark on the global stage for excellence in spice oleoresins. Synthite portfolio of Bio-Ingredients includes Spice Oleoresins, essential oils, natural colors, SCF (Co2) extracts, health & wellness ingredients, encapsulated products etc. Synthite also offers the solution to industry with whole and ground spices as well. With world class setups and the strong & innovative teams at the back, Synthite is present in more than 85 countries on the globe, meeting the demands of the customers.

IN India
Stand No: 5.137

Established in 1981, M/s. Universal Oleoresins are one of the leading manufacturers and exporters of Spice Oils, Oleoresins, Natural Colour and Spice Drop™ range of instant Spice Extracts from Kochi- India since last 37 years. We are FSSC, Kosher, Halal and Spice House certified company. With a state of the Art in House Quality Control Laboratory and Research and Development department, we are leaders in development of custom products and our products are sold to mre than 40 countries worldwide. Our Products are widely used in Food, Dairy, Bakery, confectionery and Nutraceuticals amongst many industries.

CN China
Stand No: 3.115

Wuhan Youji Industries Co Ltd is an internationally-leading enterprise, which is engaged in antisepsis, preservation and anti-oxidation of foods and committed to serving globally rapidly-developed terminal markets involving food preservation, pharmacy, dyeing, tanning, national defense, rubber, oil exploitation, etc. The company constantly boosts development and progress of health, nutrition and material sectors with technical innovation, and provides high-quality solutions for customers, thus guaranteeing product performance.

The company implements the concept of “safety, eco-friendliness and health” into organic synthesis and innovation, and focuses on harmonious development of economic benefit, environment protection and social responsibility in production and operation activities. With leading technologies in antisepsis, preservation and anti-oxidation of foods, the company provides diversified high-quality products and services for global customers from more than 100 countries and regions.

The company is one of China's most long-standing food additives manufacturers, one of the pioneers of China food additives industry, one of the drafters of state standard of food additives benzoic acid and sodium benzoate, executive board member unit of China Food Additives & Ingredients Association, Hubei/Wuhan hi-tech enterprise, key enterprise of National Torch Plan Wuhan New Material Industry Base, and Wuhan Top 100 Enterprise. The company has been honored with National Petrochemical Industry Excellent Private Enterprise, Hubei Excellent Enterprise, Wuhan Credit Model Enterprise, etc.

IN India
Stand No: 3.141

Zeopure is a strategic business unit of Zeon Lifesciences Ltd. It is focused on developing food & nutraceutical ingredients of the finest quality and purity. (enclosed) health & wellness organisations. Zeon develops and manufactures speciality nutraceutical, ayurvedic & herbal formulations. Our Capabilities:- Zeon's facility located in Excise Free Area can produce : * Dry & Wet Blended Powders * Vacuum Oven Dried Powders * Spray Dried High Fact (Upto 60%) Powders * Tablets * Capsules * Liquid Orals * Diskettes Product: Dietary supplements, Vitamins & minerals


ZMC specializes in large-scale production of fat-soluble vitamins, quasi-vitamins, quinolone antibiotics, anti-drug-resistant antibiotics and other products. The corporation has formulated a range of dominant products through in depth and extensive studies. In addition to fat soluble vitamins which include VE, natural VE, VA, Biotin, Coenzyme Q10, carotenoids like ?-carotene, Canthaxanthin, Astaxanthin, Lycopene, Zeaxanthin and Lutein, ZMC also produces Vancomycin HCl, Teicoplanin, Levofloxacin, Miglitol, in the form of APIs and FDF. Manufacturing in ZMC's domestically model FDF Industrial Park is the 8 other dosage forms: large-volume injections, small-volume injections, freeze dried powder injections, tablets, hard capsules, soft capsules, pills and oral solutions.