IN India
Stand No: A33

We are one of the leading manufacturing organization in the field of specialty oils and fat products in India. We are ISO 22000:2010 certified. The company is dedicated to providing highest quality oils and fats to the customers and has a wide range of products for specialized applications to the Food, Pharma, Cosmetic and Nutraceutical industry. The company has a state of art production facility which has been constantly upgraded to ensure production flexibility. Our product range includes whole range of specialty vegetable oils, Hydrogenated vegetable fats, Margarines, Dairy Fat Replacers, Confectionery fats and Exotic butters.

IN India
Stand No: A30

Our portfolio consists of an assortment of Spray Dried & Vacuum Dried Fruit & Vegetable Products, Tomato Powder, Cheese Powders, Dairy Ingredients and Natural Food Colours.

Our products are natural in Origin and made from Vegetable raw materials. They are also completely traceable and NON GMO in nature.

Our Manufacturing Facility based in India is certified with FSSC 22000:2010 which is presently the highest Food Safety System for an Industrial Manufacturer.

IN India
Stand No: A37

As a leading spice manufacturer, exporter, importer and custom manufacturer, ABS FOOD INGREDIENTS offers an extensive line of superior pure spices, custom blended seasonings, dehydrated vegetables products, various types of batter mixes for coating and a wide variety of other specialty food ingredients.

IN India
Stand No: D34

Ace International commenced operations in 1990 and has achieved a remarkable growth over the years. Besides having recorded a significant sales turnover, Ace has developed a diverse range of products, and is now one of the largest exporters of dairy products from India.

IN India
Stand No: G44

Advanced Drying Systems, is engaged in the sphere of manufacturing and exporting a wide range of drying plants, spray drying plants, drying chambers, laboratory spray dryers, air dispersion dryers, pilot dryers, rotary atomizer, industrial heaters, spin flash dryers, fluid bed dryers, vibrated fluid bed dryers etc. T

IN India
Stand No: E54

Advanced Enzymes is a research driven company with global leadership in the manufacturing of enzymes. We are committed to providing eco-safe solutions for a wide variety of industries like Baking & Milling, Brewing & Malting, Fruit & Vegetable Processing, Grain Alcohol, Natural Extraction, Oils & Fats Processing, Protein Modification, Starch & Sweeteners and Wine.

IN India
Stand No: G26

AJANTA CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES' is the leading Manufacturer & Exporter of FOOD COLOURS, LAKE COLOURS ,COLOUR MIXTURES (BLENDED COLOURS) and INDUSTRIAL COLOURS PIGMENTS since 1948. Since its inception, the company has established a reputation for itself with serving total customer satisfaction and are recognised as a 'Govt. Recognised Export House & 100% Export Oriented Unit with ISO 9001:2008, ISO22000 ,FSSC22000 HACCP Certification' of quality products. Our products are Kosher and Halal certified.

With a magnificent presence for more than seven decades ,the Ajanta Group has manifested appreciable improvisation on methods and technologies in producing quality food colours.The technologically superior manufacturing plants with high productivity enable us to produce food colours of supreme quality .
Our colours are widely used in the food,pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries throughout the world .

  • confectionary
  • bakery products
  • dairy products
  • desserts
  • candies and sweets
  • beverages
  • seasoning
  • pet food
  • personal and home care products
  • cosmetics
  • IN India
    Stand No: A53

    Akay Flavours & Aromatics Pvt Ltd manufactures natural food colors and flavors. The company was incorporated in 1993 and is based in Cochin, India.

    IN India
    Stand No: E60

    ALLIANCE is one of India's leading, most trusted and reliable Importers, Exporters, Indentors and Distributors for supply of various Chemical Raw Materials, Excipients, Intermediates and Ingredients for a multitude of industries.

    Alliance is today, a CRISIL rated SME2 certified organisation.

    Our premium grade of chemicals comprises of Construction Chemicals, Flavour and Fragrance chemicals, Fine Chemicals, Speciality Chemicals, Electroplating, Metal Surface Chemicals, Electronic Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals Formulation Chemicals, Drugs Intermediates, Food Chemicals/Ingredient/Additive and Industrial Chemicals.

    Some of the salient features of our chemical range includes of Purity, Exact formulation, Flexible concentration, pH value, stable under various condition.

    IN India
    Stand No: A56

    Established in 2000, based in New Delhi, Ambe Phytoextracts Pvt Ltd is engaged in manufacturing, supplying & exporting Herbal Health Care Medicine, Ayurvedic Health Care Medicine, Herbal Extracts, Nutraceuticals Herbs, Fruit powder, Herbal capsules, Cosmetics ingredients, Noni capsules & Instant Chicory. Our qualitative range has gained large client base in the national & global market.

    CN China
    Stand No: C34

    Angel Yeast Co Ltd was found in 1986, it is a listed high-tech yeast company in China, which is specialized in the mass production of yeast and yeast derivatives. Angel Yeast possess twelve international advanced factories and eight technical center at home and abroad.

    Angel Yeast has become one of the main yeast extract(YE)supplier in the world after decades development, with four professional YE production line in China, Angel's total capacity of YE is 61,000 tons.In the coming years, to better serve its customers, Angel is going to launch first overseas YE production line in Egypt, by estimation, the overseas YE production line will be finished at 2019. 

    Till now, Angel Yeast is capable of supplying basic yeast extract, high Umami yeast extract, rich peptides yeast extract and flavor yeast extract. And the applications of Angel YE include soups, sauces, instant noodles, snacks, meat products and other food applications. Angel's outstanding R&D and technical application team rich of experiences for providing customers tailor-made food solutions according to different applications.

    IN India
    Stand No: A10

    Since we began our activity about a decade and half ago, we have come a long way to be one of the foremost importers of chemicals in the country. Our basket of products has expanded rapidly and today we cover many segments of the industry. Our outstanding growth has convinced some of the finest names from across the globe to appoint us as their exclusive distributor / indentors for their range of products. We are one of the largest importers of Polyvinyl Alcohols (PVA) in the country. With our wide basket of products from across the globe, we service varied segments like Adhesives, Paints and Coatings, Plastics, Printing Inks, Textiles and auxiliaries, Construction Chemicals, Food and many others. All products imported by us are of unquestionable quality and come from some of the best names in the business.

    IN India
    Stand No: B52

    Anton Paar develops, produces and distributes highly accurate laboratory instruments and process measuring systems. It also provides custom-tailored automation and robotic solutions. Anton Paar is the world leader in the measurement of density, concentration and CO2 and in the field of rheometry. Anton Paar GmbH is owned by the charitable Santner Foundation. The state-of-the-art product range also comprises small-angle X-ray scattering systems, instruments for surface characterization, viscometers, refractometers, polarimeters, microwave synthesizers, microwave digesters, petroleum testing instrumentation and a range of process instruments. Anton Paar India Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered at Gurgaon - NCR Delhi. The sales and service centers are located in Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Vadodara and Guwahati and there are four application support centers in Gurgaon, Mumbai, Bangalore and Hyderabad.

    IN India
    Stand No: G42

    APD Foods is a Manufacturer & Supplies of finest quality of Botanical Herbs & Spices, Natural Herbs & Extracts, Natural Gums, Fruits & Vegetables Spray Dried Powders, Natural Food Color Ingredients, Products from Licorice and other essential food ingredients.

    APD Foods today is recognized as one of the leading food ingredient supplier, manufacturing wide range of raw materials for Pharmaceuticals, Nutraceuticals, Cosmeceuticals, Food & Beverages, Flavor & Fragrance, Confectionary & Dairy, Personal Care market, etc Our goal is to offer wide range of quality ingredients that will excite and delight our customers.

    APD Foods ranges of products are Exotic Herbs & Spices, Natural Gums & Spray Dried Powder, Natural Herbs & Extracts, Licorice, Natural Food Color Ingredients, Essential Food Ingredients

    IN India
    Stand No: G34

    Arjuna Natural Extracts Ltd (ANEL) is India's leading company specialized in scientific methods of identification, separation and manufacturing of plant based active compounds and Omega 3 fatty acids from marine and vegetable source. ANEL also focus on pharmacological evaluation of its products by design, monitoring and publishing of clinical studies for various applications in the Dietary Supplement, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics industries...

    Started in 1992, ANEL has around 300 employees, and have won several awards and achievements for its quality research work over the last years. The grand success of BCM-95 and 11 international patents already awarded to ANEL are proof of its innovating efforts. ANEL has 5 well equipped manufacturing facilities spread across south India to produce plant extracts as per the quality standards. Cost effective manufacturing process gives competitive edge to each products.

    IN India
    Stand No: G18

    Asha Ram & Sons Pvt Ltd with its base of operations in Delhi, is a four-decade old bakery and food ingredient supply company.

    We are Trader, Manufacturer, Importers for Bakery Ingredients in all over India.

    IN India
    Stand No: A34

    India's Largest Marketing And Distribution Company For Fragrance & Flavor Ingredients.

    We entered this world of exotic flavours in the year 1991, with the aim to capture the world market. Our Flavours & Fragrances conform to “International Standards” with a consistent quality and our products are well accepted and consumed by leading manufacturers of “Pharmaceuticals, Biscuits & Confectionery, Cosmetics & Toileteries, Dairy Industry, Health Beverages, Agarbathi's, ”, etc. Apart from our regular products, we are in a position to offer “Tailor-Made” products for you as per your requirement and taste. Our products include:- liquid flavours, dry powder flavours and perfumery compounds.

    CL Chile
    Stand No: F53a

    Atacama Bio Natural Products S.A. is located in the pristine Atacama Desert in northern Chile. We are industrial producers of natural astaxanthin from our cultures of Haematococcus pluvialis microalgae and we can supply your company with industrial volumes on a permanent and regular basis. We are interested in developing long-term business relationships with our clients for mutual benefits.

    Our main products are oleoresin extracted by supercritical CO2 and dried microalgae biomass. Products quality and safety is granted by a certified Good Manufacturing Practices process.

    IN India
    Stand No: E38

    Aussee Oats Milling Pvt Ltd is South Asia's largest integrated Oat Mill that aspires to be a leading player in the process of accumulation, milling, value-added processing, packaging, exporting and distribution of oats across the globe. Behind our effort to be ahead of the competition, stands a renowned team that brings together several experienced and reputed millers from around the world. Several of our team members have an experience of over 25 years in the Oats Milling segment. Thats why they are able to combine time-honoured techniques with the latest technology to create a product line that is unmatched in quality.

    IN India
    Stand No: D48

    Azelis Food & Health offers high quality food ingredients, effective auxiliary materials and a wide range of additives, to help create the taste, texture, performance and appearance you need for your food, health and nutritional products. We have a unique and extensive range of flavour, colour and performance ingredients, combined with specialised services to provide advanced solutions.

    We represent leading global manufacturers, bringing the highest quality products to market globally. Our technical teams can provide you with unrivalled sales support, and we offer a range of value-added services including leading-edge development kitchens, dedicated industry expertise, laboratory facilities and marketing insights.

    Azelis is a leading distributor of speciality raw materials across EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas. We provide a diverse range of innovative products and value-added services to more than 27,000 customers, serving both Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. With over 3,000 formulations and an extensive network of laboratories and research centres, our global focus is built upon a regional approach to creating formations that meet specific local demands.

    For more information: www.azelis.com

    We represent leading global manufacturers, bringing the highest quality products to market globally. Our technical teams can provide you with unrivalled sales support, and we offer a range of value-added services including leading-edge development kitchens, dedicated industry expertise, laboratory facilities and marketing insights.

    Azelis is a leading distributor of speciality raw materials across EMEA, Asia Pacific and Americas. We provide a diverse range of innovative products and value-added services to more than 27,000 customers, serving both Life Sciences and Industrial Chemicals. With over 3,000 formulations and an extensive network of laboratories and research centres, our global focus is built upon a regional approach to creating formations that meet specific local demands.

    CN China
    Stand No: A26

    Baichuan Bio-Technology Company is the largest International Leading Manufacture and Exporter of NON-GMO Soya Fiber Protein. It has embarked rich experience for more than eight years on research and mass production of Soya Fiber Protein (SFP), who creates the precedent of the application for Soya Fiber Protein in Meat, Snack Soya Products & Vegetarian Food, leading the marketing trend in the World Healthy Diet.

    Production line of Soy Fiber Protein: 24 lines, with production equipments: 200 sets

    Patented Technology: 51 items

    Management System: HACCP, OHSAS18001, ISO14001


    We are the Leading Food Ingredients/Seasoning Base enterprises in China. We are ISO 9001, BRC, HACCP certified factory and some of our products are also Kosher certified and Halal certified. Currently, we are qualified factory for Unilever, McCormick, Givaudan, Symrise, etc...

    Our main products are food ingredients such as Hydrolyzed Vegetable Protein Powder, Fermented Soy Sauce Powder and other flavoring products.

    IN India
    Stand No: B21

    We are manufacturer & distributor of premium & luxury spa products, beauty salon products, home remedies for skin care based in India . All serenite spa products, wellness, beauty facial products, skin care home remedies products are formulated and processed with upmost importance in regards to Safety, Effectiveness and closeness to Nature. Serenite skin care products are integration of technologies and refined understanding of dermatology. If skin care is an art, Serenite performs it with help of nature and modern science together.

    FR France
    Stand No: A40

    With 160 years of expertise, Biospringer is the global producer of natural flavor bases and flavor building blocks. We bring to food producers the most comprehensive yeast products range, with our yeast extracts, dried food yeasts, autolyzed yeasts, natural flavors and more. Our products can provide solutions to improve flavor profiles with natural base notes, 'umami' and 'kokumi' notes, as well as solutions for salt, fat and sugar reduction.

    TR Turkey
    Stand No: F13

    Hazelnut Promotion Group is made of the Black Sea and Istanbul Hazelnut Exporters' Unions. The Group was formed to promote hazelnut consumption in Turkey and abroad as well as to penetrate into new markets through implementing several programs.

    The mission of Hazelnut Promotion Group is to organize and execute advertising and promotion activities aimed at increasing domestic and foreign consumption. FTG has employed several scientific institutions to perform R&D work in order to support the activities that have been carried out to achieve the above objectives.

    IN India
    Stand No: B56

    Bry-Air, the leaders in dehumidification... worldwide, is a global solution provider for humidity control/moisture removal, gas phase filtration, high temperature waste heat recovery and plastics auxiliaries. Bry-Air, one of the flagship companies of the Pahwa Group, has 2 state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in India, fully owned subsidiaries in China, Malaysia, Brazil & Switzerland, associate plant in USA and a worldwide sales network. The Pahwa group, where innovation is life, provides end to end solutions in air treatment. The group employs 1400+ people in 6 continents supported by 11 manufacturing facilities and 7 R&D and test labs

    IN India
    Stand No: C53
    IN India
    Stand No: D22

    Calpro foods is one of the leading manufacturers and distributors of ingredients with a comprehensive range of Emulsifiers, Hydrocolloids, Proteins, Fibres, Cocoa powder, Amino acids, PUFA, Stabilizers and Improver systems. Our extensive portfolio of products finds use in nutraceuticals, Bakery, Confectionary, Dairy and other food industries. Our exclusive partners are Meggle, Oleon, SilvaTeam, Innobio, DairyChem and Bio Origin. Our customer ranges from global companies to small enterprises.

    IN India
    Stand No: G58

    Chemkart.com is a first of its kind, technology based B2B Marketplace solely for the Chemical Industry. With the advent of technology in India, there is a need for a marketplace, which can provide the complete solution for the Chemical Industry with seamless communication between buyer/seller and secure transactions. Chemkart plans to bridge this gap and become a one-stop solution for the Global Chemical Industry.
    Product Categories:

  • Commercial Chemicals
  • Nutraceuticals
  • Bulk Drugs (IP/BP/USP)
  • Food and Beverages Chemicals
  • Founded in May 1989,China Chamber of Commerce for Import & Export of Medicines & Health Products (CCCMHPIE), is the leading and most influential national trade association in China with a mission to promote the international trade and cooperation in medicinal and health products. CCCMHPIE,directly under the Ministry of Commerce of China, has a diverse membership of more than 1,800 companies including most of the major manufacturers and trading companies of pharmaceutical and health products across China. The fields that CCCMHPIE covers range from Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM), pharmaceuticals, preparations, medical devices and equipment, dressings, biopharmaceuticals, nutraceuticals, functional cosmetics to health products.

    IN India
    Stand No: G66

    We are leading colostrum powder manufacturer & supplier across the country.

    Cure Nutraceutical - colostrum powder manufacturer & supplier is the culmination of an idea generated in 2013, within a group of people engaged in collection and supply of high quality raw colostrum from villages in North Gujarat to buyers in Mumbai for the last two decades.

    Seeing the opportunity because of increasing demand from urban areas, the group of entrepreneurs decided to enter into processed high quality colostrum powder. The state of the art facility near Sujanpur in Patan District has a capacity to manufacture 6 tonnes of spray and freeze dried colostrum powders per month, while ensuring the highest standards of quality because of in-house laboratory, separate capsuling, packaging and storage sections.

    Cure Nutraceuticals applies highest standard of manufacturing practice right from the selection of raw materials to final shipping.

    IN India
    Stand No: C40

    We are importers & distributors of Food Ingredients, Nutraceutical & Cosmetics Raw Material, Pharmaceutical Excipients. We represent more than 25 companies from India as well as overseas. We have our offices and stock points in Mumbai & Delhi. We have highly qualified marketing people like Food Technologist for food customers and M-Pharma to take care of pharma customers.

    IN India
    Stand No: G50

    AGMARK DHARA MASALE are the spices which consumers love. A blend of various flavors which apart from being healthy add value to your meals. We offer high quality spices to your home for all your daily cooking uses. Modern technology is used to produce best quality spices to serve a wide variety of tastes, since 1992.

    Customers and their satisfaction are the top most priority for our business. All our products and services are mould keeping in mind the customer suggestions and current market requirements. We ensure the best quality of spices at very affordable prices, as our belief strongly rests in the fact that success lies in the quality of the journey and path and not stopping at a destination. With such a strong philosophy, and rich experience in dealing spices, we have gained expert knowledge while covering more than 400 cities in India with thousands of regular customers, who have trust in our productions.

    IN India
    Stand No: E56a

    Raaj Proteins Division, Dindigul Farm Product Pvt Ltd, was established in 2011 and started the production of Skimmed Milk Powder, Milk Protein Concentrates, Special Protein Powder, Whey Powder, Whey Protein Concentrates, Lactose and Casein from skimmed milk by 2015.

    IN India
    Stand No: D54a

    Divis established its manufacturing facility in 1995 manufacturing for APIs and Intermediates and second manufacturing facility (UnitII) at Visakhapatnam India in year 2002

    At Unit II Carotenoids and Vitamins were manufactured from 2005.This Unit in Vizag is successfully inspected by USFDA on May 2012.Divis is trusted source for provision of Carotenoids, Vitamins to Nutritional Food, Beverages and Feed industries.Divis Nutraceutical operations are certified and maintained according to ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001. We are inspected by FDA for CFR21 Part 110.

    IN India
    Stand No: G9

    DKSH is the leading Market Expansion Services provider with a focus on Asia. As the term "Market Expansion Services" suggests, DKSH helps other companies and brands to grow their business in new or existing markets. Publicly listed on the SIX Swiss Exchange since 2012, DKSH is a global company headquartered in Zurich. With 770 business locations in 36 countries “ 740 of them in Asia and 28,300 specialized staff, DKSH generated net sales of CHF 10.1 billion in 2015. DKSH Business Unit Performance Materials is a leading specialty chemicals distributor and provider of Market Expansion Services for performance materials

    IN India
    Stand No: C1

    Doehler is one of the world's leading producers, marketers and suppliers of natural ingredients, ingredient systems and integrated solutions for the food and beverage industry. Using nature and innovative technologies as our starting point, we always go one step further to create real added value for customers and consumers. We pave the way for turning smart ideas into amazing products. Using our in-house expertise and quality ingredients “ flavours, colours, emulsions, fruit juice concentrates, syrups, crushes, sauces and fruit purees

    IN India
    Stand No: D26

    DPB FOODS & FLAVOURS CA for GIVAUDAN Flavours for western part of India. Apart from Flavours, we deal in food additive & food ingredients for the processed food industry, dairy, beverage, confectionery, bakery as well as pharma. Our wide range of products includes xanthan gum, aspartame, acesulfame-k, Sucralose, Neotame, Stevia, Cocoa Powder, Carrageenan, Pectin, Guar Gum, Fructose etc.. We are engaged in import & supply of food additives, ingredients with respect to specific needs of our customers also. DPB foods & Flavours is committed to such standards, as adherence to these protects the company and business customers. Our goal is to create new possibilities & standing values for our business associates, suppliers, and most important the customers.

    IN India
    Stand No: B14

    Drytech Processes (I) pvt ltd a company specializing in the art of spray drying is Asia's largest spray dried Gum Arabic manufacturer. It has a basket of various product categories such as Gum Arabic, fruit and vegetable powders, seasoning ingredients, milk proteins/caseinates, natural colorants, fat powders, beverage whitener, soluble dietary fibre, etc. We have multi-stage spray dryers with and annual capacity of 12000MT. Drytech has established speciality in spray drying 100% pure tomato powder and fat powders up to 85% fat loading. We are the best Co-partner for spray dryers and Co-packers of infant and clinical nutrition.

    IN India
    Stand No: C51

    Established in the millennium year 2000, ECO COSMOS has developed as a provider of food processing equipments, which boasts of High Quality Engineering, Value for Money Pricing and Reliable After Sales Servicing.

    We are dealing in Fresh Vegetables & Fruits Processing Machines, Volumetric Filling Machines etc.

    Our vision is to bring the best technology available in the world to Indian Food Processors, so that India is equipped to compete with the best processed food suppliers in the World.

    IN India
    Stand No: F51

    Evolva is a pioneer and global leader in sustainable, fermentation-based approaches to ingredients for health, wellness and nutrition. Evolva's products include stevia, resveratrol, vanillin, nootkatone and saffron. As well as developing its own proprietary ingredients, Evolva also deploys its technology for partners, providing them with a competitive edge and sharing in the returns
    they make.

    Product: Antioxidants, Bioactive components, Dietary supplements, Encapsulated ingredients, Essential oils, Flavours & aromas, Flavour potentiators, GM free products, Sweeteners, Therapeutic ingredients.

    IN India
    Stand No: D30

    FINE ORGANICS is a technology driven company and a market leader in the field of Specilaity additives, presently catering to the Food, Polymer, Cosmetics, Paints, Textiles Industries.

    Presently our Food Additives Division is considered a pioneer in India producing a wide range of food additives like Emulsifiers, Anti-fungal agent, Improvers for Bread, Cakes & Biscuits, Beverage, Clouding agents, Pan Release agents etc. Our state of the art R & D facility enables us to make tailor made products to satisfy specific customer requirements.

    In addition, We have strategic alliances with reputed multinational companies like, Zeelandia, which helps us in keeping abreast of all the latest developments in the Food Industry & enabling our customers to meet the constantly evolving changing needs.

    A pioneer in the manufacturing and marketing of emulsifiers in India, Fine has expanded its additive range to anti-fungal agents, bread improvers, beverage clouding agents and many more. Our customer base includes leading bakeries, manufacturers of ice-cream, biscuits, dairy products, beverages, noodles, pasta, confectionery and chocolates Fine Organics inaugurates a 10,000 MTPA DMG facility near Mumbai
    On March 18, 2012, Fine Organics inaugurated its newest facility dedicated to the production of distilled mono-glycerides (GMS) near Mumbai.

    We are a leading manufacturer and exporter of Flavours, Fragrances, Essential and Citrus Oils. Creation is our passion we live to create, our passion has helped us create wide range of products used in bakery, confectionery, dairy, beverages, pharmaceuticals industries.

    Quality has been the base pillar of Flavaroma's growth we are proudly certified as FSSC 22000,Halal,USFDA Registered. We would be launching a new range of Natural flavours Naturaroma which includes natural flavours,oils and extracts.

    We believe in innovations that can help change the way world lives.

    IN India
    Stand No: D54

    FLEX FOODS LIMITED is engaged in the growing and processing of Culinary Herbs, Mushrooms, Fruits and Vegetables catering to the Domestic and International markets mainly in Europe, USA, Canada & Australia.

    Flex Foods Limited is an associate company of UFLEX, a 2.3 Billion dollar company,leader in flexible packaging technology. World class manufacturing facilities with "state-of-the-art" technology, GMP & Quality systems make Flex Foods Limited a leading company in the category.Flex Foods with its supreme products, produced under stringent quality conditions, processed in a state of the art factory backed by major certifications are today aspiring to be the one stop shop requirement for all the Leading Foods in and around the world.

    IN India
    Stand No: A1

    FDL is a leading global supplier of specialist ingredients to the Food, Beverage, Fragrance and Chemical industries. FDL specialises in Energy and Nutritional blends to suit many applications. We can create blends or help you develop a brand new performance product besides supply of raw ingredients. We have state of the art pre-mix and powder blending facilities in India, the UK and the USA for both large volume and small batch requirement suitable for food, drink and pharmaceutical manufacture. FDL is also in the business of Flavours and Preparations (flavour pastes, syrups and sauces) for Dairy, Beverage & Dessert industries.

    IN India
    Stand No: F5

    Major Importers of Pharma and nutraceutical ingredients. Our aim is to promote the specialty nutra/functional food ingredients range from our international partners.

    IN India
    Stand No: C55

    Company Profile Details: Headquartered in Vadodara, Gujarat, India Galaxy Sivtek, an ISO 9001:2008 company is primarily engaged in design, development, manufacturing and commissioning of industrial sieves, separators and filters. Since 1990, company’s extensive range of solutions have successfully assisted 800+ brands on 5000+ projects across 12+ diverse industries in 15+ countries to increase quality, productivity and profitability.

    IN India
    Stand No: G2

    Generex Pharmassist Pvt Ltd is one of the very few Techno-Marketing organizations in India which specializes in marketing of patented /proprietary new molecules. We have an impressive record of introducing products for the first time in India to the Nutrition, Food, Pharmaceutical and Personal Care Industries. Generex is also a professional contract manufacturing service provider for supplements, pharma formulations and cosmetics.

    Green Fresh Group is a subsidiary of Greenwich (China) Technology Development Limited specializes in research, development and production of high quality carrageenan, agar, konjac powder and their compound products. We are one of the leading producers in the industry of hydrocolloid.

    Having accumulated more than 20 years of experience in producing high quality hydrocolloids, we have extensive expertise in manufacturing technologies. Around 55% of our products are exported to Europe, USA, MiddleEast, Africa, Southeast Asia and 45% for domestic market. Our products are extensively applied in meat products, dairy products, jellies and chewy candies.

    IN India
    Stand No: B37

    GREEN ROOTZ is among the largest manufacturers & Exporter of premium quality NATURAL & ORGANIC food Ingredients from India. Green Rootz offers products that cater to both sensorial and nutritional needs. That means, our products add to the taste, colour, texture and visual appeal while retaining all the nutritional benefits.
    We offer superior range of :

  • Dehydrated Vegetables
  • Onion,
  • Garlic & Other Vegetables (Flakes, Chopped, Minced, Granule & Powder)
  • Spray Dried Fruit & Vegetable Powders
  • Freeze Dried Fruit & Vegetables (Flakes/ Cubes / Powder)

  • Today, we are one of the most reputed and fastest growing brands in India. We also export our products to over 20 countries worldwide. Please refer www.green-rootz.com for more information. At GREEN ROOTZ, we follow the highest standards of quality and food safety across all our operations. Each product from Green Rootz carries an assurance of quality and meets the highest of expectations from our customers globally. Our products are ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, USDA, HALAL & India Organic certified.
    IN India
    Stand No: E48

    We are Importers, Suppliers & Super Distributors in Ahmedabad, for over 28 years, and cater to national to Indian multinational companies with quality specialty Food Ingredients.

    Gujarat Enterprise prides itself in supplying a range of Premium Quality of Food Ingredients in its purest form to Processing Food Industry, Confectionery, Dairy, Bakery, Snack Industry, Pharmaceutical, Nutraceuticals, Veterinary and many others.

    The strength of our Food Ingredients / Preservative division lies in its impeccable control over its supply chain right from the stage of procurement at our warehouse till the product reaches the end customers. The distinctive element of our business is our well managed market operations backed by our intensive research & analysis, world class integrated ingredient R&D facility, strong financial strength and a Indian Global reach. Over the years Gujarat Enterprise has developed a huge reputation in managing market volatilities and has established itself as one of the most reliable supplier and importer of Food Ingredients & Preservatives.

    IN India
    Stand No: B41

    Gulshan Polyols Limited ("GPL") is a multi location, multi product manufacturing company and has become a market leader in most of its products in India with global presence in 40 countries, across 3 continents. Its business portfolio covers Starch Sugars, Calcium Carbonate; Agro based Animal Feed, Alcohol business & On-site PCC plants. The Company was incorporated in year 1981 . Our Company is listed on BSE & NSE both. Recently, we are recognized by Government of India as STAR EXPORT HOUSE, for consistent export of our products to various parts of the world.

    IN India
    Stand No: A54a

    HL Agro Products Pvt Ltd is the flagbearer of six decades old HL Group of companies headquartered in Kanpur, India. Established in the year 1996, HL Agro Products Pvt Ltd is a HACCP & ISO22000:2005 certified industrial entity and the leading exporter of sesame seeds, native starch & its derivatives from India. The processing units at HL Agro are fully automated and well equipped with state of the art technology, imported machinery, Effluent Treatment plants & Anaerobic Digester making it truly the 21st century in its accomplishment. Built on the norms of Good Manufacturing Practices & HACCP guidelines, the plants are capable of processing 22000 MT sesame seeds annually & grinding 300 MT corn daily.

    HL Agro Products retains a remarkable Agro Product basket for manufacturing, processing and trading; and simultaneously developing sophisticated infrastructure facilities for sourcing, milling/processing and shipping the assortment of its products to the worldwide markets.

    IN India
    Stand No: B59

    Herbal Creations is a major Manufacturer, Exporter and Supplier of Phytochemicals and Herbal Extracts in the country. The range of Phytochemicals, offered by the company, is inclusive of Bergapten, Methoxsalen USP, Psoralen IP and Raubasine Base. The company is an ISO 9001:2008 certified organization offering a superior and effective formula as well as invaluable assistance to the clients with a guarantee of safety. The company has provided solutions for problems like stress, low immunity, cholesterol problem, brain-related problems, weight loss and anti-aging and covers other spheres like sports nutrition, pet products and life extension as well.

    With expertise in offering assistance in regulatory compliance, marketing as well as position and implementation of the Phytochemicals from the designing process to the distribution stage, we are known for our passion, integrity, quality and innovation. The company is equipped with the latest analytical instruments and offers competitive pricing of the Phytochemicals with rapid implementation of projects. The honesty and transparency of the company, as well as its quality oriented approach has made it a popular entity all across the globe.

    IN India
    Stand No: C21

    Started in 1991, Hexagon Nutrition Pvt Ltd is a dedicated company offering innovative solutions for nutrition around the world. The company's reach is wide spread and its products are sold in over 70 countries worldwide, currently. It has 3 up and running, state of the art factories throughout India - Nasik, Chennai and Tuticorin. It has 3 segments: - Micronutrient Premixes that provides custom blends of vitamins and nutrients used in food products around the world, Clinical Nutrition Products that support and enhance the life of healthcare patients and consumers, Therapeutic Products that target those most needing the basics of quality nutrition in the world.

    Hexagon Nutrition's expertise in the premix business extends to over 25 years in creating blends of vitamins and minerals for flour, beverages, dairy products, fats and oils, noodles, etc. The expert Product Development Team works with the clients to analyze the specifications and nutritional claims. The company also offers analytical testing and stability testing to ensure that the product has the nutrients it claims.

    IN India
    Stand No: E53a

    Hindustan Phosphates Pvt Ltd (HPPL) is the largest manufacturer of Calcium Phosphates, Sodium Phosphates , Ammonium Phosphates, Potassium Phosphates and Calcium Carbonate in India.

    HPPL cater to both Food & Pharma companies in international as well in domestic markets with a customer base of 500+ in 30+ countries.

    Few of the 30 countries HPPL caters UK, USA, South Africa, Italy, Germany, Nigeria, Kenya, Canada, New Zealand, UAE, France, Malaysia.

    Few of the 500 customers HPPL caters Heinz, Dabur, ITC, FDL, Jhonson & Jhonson, Mint Labs, Pfizer, Abbott, Aurobindo, Merck, Ranbaxy, Sun Pharma.

    HPPL is accredited with FSSC 22K, ISO 22000, ISO 9001, cGMP, HACCP, Halal & Kosher also we are FSSAI licensed company.

    HPPL holds US-DMF for Di Calcium Phosphate Dihydrate / Anhydrous & Tri Calcium Phosphate. (DMF certificates are attached for your reference) All the products are manufactured in our state-of-the-art manufacturing unit at Pithampur near Indore. We can support new projects and ongoing projects with all regulatory documents, certificates and with samples for initial & trail approvals.

    TR Turkey
    Stand No: G13

    HLEKS is a leading popping candy manufacturer with its own patents. HLEKS offers ISO 9001, ISO 22000 and BRC certificated best quality popping candy items with SHOOGY BOOM® brand. HLEKS also supplies popping candy in bulk form to food industries globally throughout Europe, Russia, Australia, Asia, North and South America.

    CN China
    Stand No: D52

    Huisong Pharmaceuticals, founded in 1998, is a Sino-Japan joint venture and one of the leading suppliers of herbs, herbal extracts and herbal formulas in China. Huisong is a world leader dedicating into research and production of active principles derived from botanicals. We have been offering wide range of natural and quality ingredients for use in Food, Beverage, Nutraceutical and Pharmaceuticals industries. With more than 15 years presence in botanical extraction industry, which is a guarantee of in-depth knowledge and understanding of the business, market trends and legal considerations, we are able to provide fast and reliable services to customers.

    FR France
    Stand No: F60

    IGRECA is one of the leading egg processors, highly specialised in dried egg products and liquid egg products for the food industries. The main range of products is egg powders or liquids with whole egg, egg yolk and egg white (conventional, organic, kosher, halal, KAT accredited and alternative eggs) as well as a wide range of custom made products. 70 per cent of the production is exported to Europe and third countries.

    IN India
    Stand No: E55

    ILA Biomarine Pvt Ltd (IBPL) is a leading manufacturer and exporter of marine origin ingredients & formulations to cosmetic, food, feed & agriculture industry. IBPL in collaboration with marine biology research institute, having standard manufacturing practices created innovative, safe & efficacious products for human & animal application/consumption. Production facilities are GMP, HACCP, KOSHER & audited by our global customers. Our ingredients & formulations offer high quality & traceability by using clean, reliable & sustainable resources.

    IN India
    Stand No: C4

    Established in 2008 and headquartered in Mumbai, IMCD India represents leading international producers of speciality chemicals including food and pharma ingredients. Covering a range of market sectors and with an exceptional track record of growth, our team of high-calibre technical and commercial specialists advise our customers on function, formulation and application of products. In our endeavour to seek solutions and not just products for our key, Small and Medium Enterprise customers, our fully equipped Technical Centre based in Mumbai provides vital support to the Asia-Pacific region. Our regional presence, flexible and tailored supply chain infrastructure and compliance to all local laws and regulations, ensures that IMCD is able to trade pan-India and deliver a first-class customer service.

    Being part of IMCD, IMCD India has the benefit of an international network, generating know-how, providing expertise on products and applications whilst sharing best practices with suppliers and customers alike. Our infrastructure and team provides a strong foundation to service multinational companies whilst supporting local customers through product development and R&D projects.

    IMCD India, with its multicultural team, is your local reliable partner in sourcing, marketing, sales and distribution on a pan-Indian basis. Call us to find out how our expertise brings value to your business.

    IN India
    Stand No: D44

    Indchem International based out of Mumbai, India is a leading provider of ingredients for the consumer health & dietary supplement industries. From our partners to your solutions, our vision is to be a leading provider of innovative ingredients, providing cutting edge solutions. We strive to offer the best quality ingredients in a unique solution to exactly match your needs. Whether you need small or large batches of ingredients, Indchem is your unique one-stop, designed to simplify your buying & thereby accelerating your production.

    IN India
    Stand No: G56

    Established in the year 2007, India Phosphate is engaged in processing, exporting and supplying of Calcium Phosphate. The chemicals are highly appreciated for purity, accuracy and economical price-range. The product is fabricated using high quality material like phosphoric acid and rock phosphate. The raw material used for the production process is procured from reliable vendors of the market. Along with high quality and economical product we also provide our clients with customization facility.

    We have also established well equipped infrastructure in wide area of around 30,000 sq feet. The infrastructure is segmented into different units which include manufacturing unit, research & development unit and many other. Also, we have wide area covering as our warehouse and packaging unit. All the raw material procured from vendors and the finished products are stored in the unit. We also prefer to label the products with name and serial number to minimize the confusion at the time of transit. In the packaging unit we look after the product packaging which is done with superior quality product for keeping the chemicals away from decaying.