About the Event

Fi India

Food ingredients India

Launched in 2006, Food ingredients India has been known as a driving force to India's processed food sector and has a fundamental role as facilitating the industry's only meeting place. Both regional and global food professionals use this opportunity to learn about the latest industry developments, meet new business prospects and launch products to gain competitor advantage in the fastest growing food marketplace in the world.

By bringing the industry together, Fi India & Hi allows you to display your products to thousands of food professionals at once, and conduct business efficiently and effectively.

Hi India

Health ingredients India

Over the past two decades, the ingredients industry has evolved significantly - from reactive to proactive consumers, all seeking functional foods that provide benefit adding solutions to whatever nutritional challenge they currently face or will face later in life.  From antioxidants to anti allergens, from fat reduction to sports nutrition and healthy ageing, Nutrition and Wellness is a growing trend with no end in sight.

To capture this market trend, the leading nutritional ingredients event, Health ingredients (Hi) India has created a powerhouse exhibition that will provide a complete 360 perspective of the Health, Nutritional and Wellness industry. 

Expo FoodTec India

Expo FoodTec India

A new platform for the food processing & packaging industry

Desire for a one-stop shop for the food industry has emerged as a clear trend among the Fi India & Hi audience over recent editions. This increasing demand for solutions in processing, packaging, equipment and associated services has translated into significantly expanding the profile and represented offering at Fi India & Hi.