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Customisation: the key to success?

16/03/2018 Speaker Interview
Personalised nutrition is a growing trend. Consumers are increasingly turning to technologies that can help them make more informed decisions about the nutrients they should be consuming in order to...

Demand for healthy and natural drive the F&B industry in SEA

15/03/2018 Speaker Interview
Consumers in South East Asia are clearly moving towards F&B products that support a healthy lifestyle, demanding natural and functional ingredients. This demand will continue to shape new product...

Following the sugar reduction trend in South East Asia

02/03/2018 Speaker Interview
With food-related diseases such as obesity and diabetes on the rise across South East Asia, F&B manufacturers are under increasing pressure to step-up efforts to remove or reduce ingredients that...

A new solution to sugar reduction? - Speaker interview

26/02/2018 Speaker Interview
Sugar is a major contributor to the global obesity crisis, however removing and replacing sugar from products creates many reformulation challenges for F&B manufacturers, particularly around...

Growing demand for health foods in South East Asia – Speaker interview

08/02/2018 Speaker Interview
There is growing demand for healthy foods, particularly functional foods, amongst consumers in South East Asia. In Indonesia specifically, consumers appear more willing to invest in health foods...
​​​​Hi SEA_Breko

Exhibitor Spotlight: Breko

07/02/2018 Exhibitor Spotlight
Hear from Wolfgang Loersch, Vice President of Breko about the reason of exhibiting at Hi South East Asia and the opportunities in the market. Breko targets South East Asian interest in functional...

Authenticity and health lead Asian food trends

25/01/2018 Market News
Globally, food marketers increasingly aim to highlight the story of their products, and nowhere is this more the case than in Southeast Asia, where manufacturers are using the word ‘craft’ to...

8 new Asian functional beverages

25/01/2018 Market News
The Asian beverage market is experiencing a significant increase in demand for beverages with functional ingredients. The growing demand for healthy alternatives has led to new products that target...

How to successfully enter the Asian F&B market – Sophia Nadur [Interview]

25/01/2018 Speaker Interview
Many western food and drink companies have their eye on Asian markets, but it is a fast-moving region where business is conducted very differently. “Admitting how little you know is a good place to...

How can food companies seize opportunities in the pharma market?

17/03/2017 Speaker Interview
Manas Tamotia is the head of L.E.K.’s Southeast Asia practice. He has over twelve years of experience in strategy, M&A and restructuring. He works across the food value chain from agriculture,...

Can food related diseases be prevented in the first 1000 days?

17/03/2017 Speaker Interview
Regina Moench-Pfanner is the CEO and founder of ibn360 Pte Ltd, and is dedicated to helping clients in the public and private sectors to create solutions that sustainably improve nutrition. She has...
Elizabeth Bui

Can cocoa support better heart health?

17/03/2017 Speaker Interview
Elizabeth Bui is currently the Nutrition and Health Business Unit Director at Naturex. She built up her expertise in healthcare starting her career with Sanofi Singapore Pharmaceutical and moved...