DE Germany
Stand No: 8F104

Paninkret is an independent family-owned company and has a worldwide reputation with more than 60-years history in the field of refinement and extraction of biological resources.

The company has committed itself to gently process and refine natural resources and renewable raw materials. To ensure the physiological composition, enzymatic processes are mainly used.

Paninkret offers three product groups:

  • Products for the food industry from our Food Division,
  • Technical products and
  • Plant extracts and hydrolysates.
  • Our products include:
  • Dry powder
  • Water-soluble extracts
  • spissum or
  • Liquid formulations in water, oil, glycerin or alcohol.
  • Location:
    PL Poland
    Stand No: 8M142

    We are a Polish company, operating on the market since 1991.We are creating new generation technologies which enable us to deliver ingredients for the production of functional foods.

    There is no area of production in the food industry to which the natural food ingredients created by our company could not be applied. We manufacture products based on innovative technologies and natural materials.

    PE Peru
    Stand No: 8C118

    Who we are:

    Peruvian company leader in Superingredients, located in Lima - Peru with over 16 years experience in the production, sales and export of medicinal herbs, dehydrated vegetables, fruits and grains. We offer products with high quality standards that suit the demand of the most competitive markets such are: Japan, USA, Canada, Netherlands, UK, Germany, China, Korea, thus spreading the richness of Peruvian Nature and promoting the development of Peru.

    Our commitment with quality:

    Peruvian Nature demonstrates its constant commitment to quality in a consistent, reliable and sustainable manner, with international certifications: BRC, GMP, HACCP, Kosher, Organic, Gluten free also all our products are allergen free, non GMO and pesticide free finally we manage a traceability system from raw material in the field to  final product in our costumers.

    ES Spain
    Stand No: 8H134

    Pevesa is a Bio-refinery of plant based proteins. We offer standard and tailor made proteins for the Baby Food, Sports Nutrition, Weight Management, Clinical Nutrition, Beverages, Bakery, etc. Our vegetable protein hydrolisates or isolates come from Rice, Pea, Carob, etc. We offer homogeneity in quality and assure smallest amounts of contaminants and heavy metals. Our IP in enzymatic hydrolisation and filtration allows us to meet your expectations in protein concentration (80 per cent and higher),hydrolysis degree, solubility, bio-availability, transparency in solution, digestibility and bitterness.

    ES Spain
    Stand No: 8K121

    Founded in 2009 by experts with over 10 years of experience in Biotech markets, Pharmactive is private equity company focused on the research and development, manufacturing and marketing of natural assets for the pharmaceutical, nutraceutical (dietary supplements), and cosmetic industries. Our qualified team of professional covers all product phases: molecules identification, intellectual property, clinical and regulatory research, manufacturing, marketing, and business development. We continuously work for the excellence, offering solutions to your needs. Thanks to our commitment and high technical, scientific and human capacity, we offer products and services are considered of superior quality.

    FR France
    Stand No: 8C71

    Located in France, Plantex develops, manufactures and supplies dry, liquid, soft, glycolic and hydro-glycerinated extracts. We have also developed a new range of product for food (vanilla, cocoa, etc.). We work on a base of 300 plants including more than 100 for organic quality. We have been ISO 22000 and ECOCERT certified since 1997.

    ES Spain
    Stand No: 8J90

    Founded in 1963, Gonmisol is dedicated to the distribution of ingredients to the food, dietary supplement, sports supplement, cosmetic, pharmaceutical and veterinary industries. We are the preferred supplier of more than 1200 customers worldwide. Along with this we have one of the largest stocks of amino acids, vitamins, enzymes, nutraceuticals and botanical extracts in Europe. Gonmisol has accreditation from many agencies for the sale and distribution of the ingredients that we sell.

    NL Netherlands
    Stand No: 8F86

    Progress Biotech is a Dutch trading company, focusing on import and export of high quality biotech products. At present our focus is biotechnologically produced Omega 3, DHA products, originating from the widely accepted algae species Schizochytrium. The production facilities and production management, are all certified under the required international ISO and FAMI-QS standards. Our high DHA products are biomass for feed applications and mechanically extracted algal oils, 40 %, 50 % and 70% for nutraceuticals . In addition to that we produce highly stable encapsulate with 10% DHA for a wide variety of food applications.

    FR France
    Stand No: 8K90

    Worldwide leader in conceiving and manufacturing extracts and flavours of Vanilla, Cocoa, Coffee and other Gourmet notes for the sweet food industry, PROVA is present in more than 60 countries across five continents. Thanks to the meticulous and respectful selection of raw materials and innovative extraction methods, the company always delivers high quality flavours specifically tailored to meet consumption trends

    Prova, the expert in sweet brown flavourings for the food industry.

    HK Hong Kong S.A.R., China
    Stand No: 8C21

    Puredia is a globally recognized company committed to delivering the purest natural raw ingredients while protecting sustainability. Full essence of the plants is captured with distinctive technology at our advanced facilities without using damaging heat and chemicals. Puredia"s plants are sourced from our 23,000-acre certified organic farm in the Tibetan Plateau, the largest and cleanest ecosystem with cultivation. This pollution-free region is the third pole of the world by UNESCO. Due to high altitudes, extreme temperature variations and intense sunlight, plants develop a natural resiliency to lock in nutrients. Be our partner today and experience the benefits!